Digital Warrior Survival Guide


Digital Warrior:- Online fighter, someone who is not afraid to speak out, defenders of the 1st amendment. 


  We live in uncertain times without a doubt. Our freedoms are being chipped away with each passing day. 

 It’s normal to feel like we are being attacked, because we are. The left is attacking conservatives and free speech on all fronts. Removing our methods of communication is the same as removing our means of standing up.. if we can not talk to each other we can not bond together and fight back against whatever they have planned. 

 Wanting to fight back but being afraid of retaliation or not knowing what to do is perfectly understandable right now.  


 Hopefully this article helps you to hang on to ways to communicate, ways to speak out without fear of being attacked, ways to protect yourselves and others online.


 Just as you would want a plan to defend yourself in person before going out in public to protest or speak out, you need a plan before becoming a Digital Warrior and speaking out online. Actually having a plan to defend yourself online is a good idea even if you are not speaking out. 


 Being a Digital Warrior is not without risk, speaking up can get you attacked both online and physically if steps are not taken to prevent that. 

 Most people do their communicating  on the digital front in this day and age. We text and email friends and co-workers over calling them, we vist online forums and social media groups. 

Think of our Digital Warrior activities in the cyber realm as operations. 


  We need to make sure we have the best online security plan in place.. our Opsec or Operational security. 


  • Do: Be Aware 

Understand that anyone can pretend to be anyone online.. Always assume that the person you are communicating with could possibly be a bad- actor, federal agent, etc.

  • Do: Be in control 

Never let the conversation be guided into you saying something that could get you into trouble. Heated conversations are often meant for you to wind up making a threat of some sort.

  • Do: Be Paranoid 

Just because you think everyone is out to get you, doesn’t mean they aren’t. The left and the Federal agencies are on the same social media sites we are..never forget that.. and don’t think they don’t care what little old you are up to. The most fatal flaw as a Digital Warrior we can make is to assume that we are not on anyone’s radar; That what you are saying is legal so if they want to waste their time monitoring you.. go ahead. 

  • Don’t: Have thin skin

Speaking out in today’s online world will without a doubt anger others. You will very likely be insulted, be threatened,  and be reported. These are favored tactics of the left, and they work, very well. These tactics are designed to make you give up, or lose control, make mistakes, etc..

  • Don’t: Be Careless 

Do not for any reason just click on links someone posts. Learn to read a URL. Clicking on random links is a good way to have law enforcement knocking on your door wanting to talk about child porn or some other criminal activity. To read a URL look for the normal pattern ( this should be something you expect to see. After the site type (.org or .com or whatever) you will see sub domain. This can often be the first warning, watch out for words like phishing, or xxx and so forth. If you see .jpg in the line for example, expect to be sent to a photo. For more information I highly recommend visiting Be Cyber Aware.

  • Do: Stay in contact

 Once you start to weed out the bad actors, you will make contact with other patriots , like minded people, you will even make friends. Once you do it’s important to stay in contact safely ( I will explain how shortly.) This is the entire reason to become a Digital Warrior. Joining with others gives us a united strong voice that cannot be silenced.

  • Do: Change passwords often

I advise a bi-weekly basis, do not rotate passwords between platforms.  When making a password always try to include

CAPITAL letters, LOWER case letters, NUMBERS, and at least 2 special characters!! 


Infosec or Information security is the next thing you need to be considering as a Digital Warrior.. Keeping your personal information private.




Doxxing is one of the favorite tactics of the left online. To be doxxed means that someone has searched and gathered personal information on you, name, address, phone number and so forth. It can even include social security numbers and other very personal details, and then post them for the public to see in various places, including the deep web.  Bad things can happen once this info is out. Things like people showing up at your or your families’ home, work or school. Or even things like people stealing your identity, Sending the police/ swat team to your home with bogus calls.


 So it is vital to make every effort to be secure. Here are some tips.


Don’t share too much info. 

 Be mindful when talking about jobs, kids, family, location, etc. It can all add up to you being found in real life.


Use Tools for security 



A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Basically, it is a way to disguise where you are by changing the location your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is tied to, allowing you to surf anonymously. By using a VPN, I can be located in Texas but my internet trail points to New York.  There are several VPN providers out there that are great.  DWUSA has partnered with VirtualShield as a VPN provider. For a few bucks a month you can add a higher level of security to your digital warrior operation. Use this link try it for free and help fund DWUSA VirtualShield 


When sharing information or communicating with someone use a secure email. Don’t share something like “”  it’s pretty easy to find out personal details that way.

 Instead, sign up for something like a account. It is free, and it is also encrypted so the emails themselves are secure. 


Social Media 


Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the current issues with Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, places where someone conservative is not welcome.  But there are a few other options… 



Right now,  in my opinion, it’s the best place to interact with others. However you have to be careful there as well. 


  • DO NOT share your phone number on Telegram (Settings / Privacy and Security / Phone Number > Nobody). This is the single most important step you can take to secure your Telegram account. Some people sign up for online phone number such as Google voice to use in circumstances like this. 


  • DO NOT use your real name, photograph or a user-name used on other platforms. Bad-actors will use this information to help dox you. Telegram allows you to change both. If you do use real information, please understand you’re more likely to have your account spoofed or worse. 


  • DO enable PIN lock for all messaging applications (Settings / Privacy and Security / Passcode Lock > Enable). If your phone is taken by the police, this can help protect your messages.


  • DO enable two-factor-authentication for all messaging applications (Settings / Privacy and Security / Two-Step Verification > Enable). This will require a second code or password to login to your account. Far-left groups have hacked accounts before.



Currently shut down. -if you already have it installed make sure to keep it, because it has been removed from the app stores. Expected to be up by the end of January 2021.



Think encryption. One of several messaging apps, I consider it one of the best.. and it’s free.



Currently overloaded but still useful social media site.

Once on Reddit, now a very large forum of conservative, pro Trump people. 


There are several other sites out there, and more coming online in the near future that allow a conservative voice to be heard. My advice is to use as many as you can, because any may disappear overnight. 


Browser/search Engines

 Google and the other big names track and monitor everything you do. There are many other choices. A couple of examples, 

Brave makes a very  good browser, DuckDuckGo is a good search engine.


Digital Warrior 

Keep fighting and join us at


Greg Martin 2021


Editor: Star Rodgers

Publisher: Laura Nixon/ Susan NV 


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  1. Bubbles
    January 22, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Great information. Thank you..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    January 24, 2021 at 10:01 am

    Parler needs to set up other ways to download app

  3. Deborah Patton
    January 24, 2021 at 10:02 am

    Excellent advice- thank you for compiling it in one article.

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