Stupid Theories for Plagiarized Minds

We all know that since the late 1990s, the mood was to move polluting productions to the Far East. Everyone, like sheep, were to follow the theories to protect the environment. The most polluting productions were to be moved from Europe to Asia, as if by moving them to Asia we would have avoided polluting. Nothing could be more stupid.  Due to hypocrisy and lack of analytical skills, we have destroyed our economy by chasing the mirage that, in the future of our young people, there would be a job in the tertiary sector; for everyone a good job in a well-paid office (and, as we all know, this was just an illusion).


We have, therefore, embraced the theories and carried out the will of the Deep State, which targets our subjection and helplessness. Today, Europe totally depends on Asia for finished products, as deindustrialization has led us to not produce semi-finished products (and many other products necessary), for what remains of the western manufacturing industry.


Today, the pattern repeats itself, and I cannot understand how we can be so blind as not to understand that, if this has already happened for heavy industry, now there is a risk that the same project will be applied to foodstuffs. Leftist idiots and Green New Deal backers are mesmerized by the theory that intensive livestock farming is polluting and producing more Co2 than a smelter or a busy city. They are pushing a lot, and unfortunately I see that it takes hold in the minds of young people and also of those who are in front of the TV all day, that meat should not be eaten, that to pollute less it is necessary to close or transfer pig, cattle and poultry farms somewhere else. They are even pushing for the food consumption of insects, or as theorized by that “genius” Bill Gates, we should consume synthetic meat.


If this happened, we would find ourselves depending on China for food in the future, and knowing how good they are towards us, how much they love us, and how much they want to kill us, I believe it is essential right now to explain to the gullible about the politically correct and the Green New Deal, that this path and all the reasons used by the complicit media are a sure suicide for our Western civilization. It is absolutely essential to fight right away, explaining with simple reasoning that as for COVID and the pandemic, everything is artifact to lead us to death or total dependence on the communist regime. So, let’s raise our shields against this madness that could represent yet another self-inflicted wound due to the inability to use logical and critical thinking, totally forgotten by most.



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  1. March 30, 2021 at 7:08 am

    Nice piece of writing. It makes you wonder about the theories that are currently out there. Do you think that “they” are trying to sell the “Silicon Valley” dream to everyone, when you say “well paid office job”?

    The CO2 will kill the planet theory is really out there when all you have to do is stop cutting down the rain forest and re-plant trees. Trump got almost zero credit for starting that “plant a billion tree” campaign. People (meaning almost everyone living) have no idea how what is the chemical make up of the air we breathe. CO2 is very little (.4%). Now, what do you think the chemical make up of the air you breathe out is. Imagine what the air you breath in when wearing your Covid-19 mask would be (technically most people’s mask are crap so it won’t kill you but on the Apollo missions, the CO2 level was approx 2% and it was troublesome. Could our air every hit 2%…hell no, it is an impossibility with the tech we have now. To change the chemical make-up of the air we breathe would be extremely hard to do… My point, people confuse CO2 with pollution and that error is hurting industry.

    The attack on farming is about controlling water rights. In CA, they are pushing for hydroponic vertical farming. Why? It is complicated but it stems on the belief that fresh water will run out sooner that oil. I believe that we will never run out of either. The bottle water industry is killing everyone’s ability to get natural well water. In the USA, our rights do not and will not ever come from the government. So, our ability to homestead is extremely important but the government does not want us to be independent from the government so it makes obtaining water that we own from our land almost illegal. (almost being the key. The point is the government wants to own the water and make believe that it will be done in the name of saving the planet.

    China doesn’t have the resources to sustain their people. So what is the biggest threat that China brings to the rest of the world? In my opinion, it is “free” labor. Just look to Prada, Italy How many Chinese slaves live in that city to produce “Italian” goods. What arrangements did the Italian government make with Chinese government for that free labor? Minimum wages are the real enemy. Minimum wages in modern times was established by the Progressives who (in my opinion) will pose the biggest threat to mankind. Communists are like a benign tumor because they are just greedy atheists that want power. Progressives are simply evil people who know God is real but choose to do bad anyways. (I know there is no science behind my belief but there sure is a lot of evidence that point to why my belief is spot on.)

  2. KimberlyS
    March 31, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    The most disgusting thing that progressives are grooming us for is canabalism. Whether they talk about it out in the open or not, there are the discussions by a few and one in particular recently that we know is a singer’s wife who seems obsessed with discussing it. Perhaps, so she doesn’t feel so guilty, or maybe she’s really a truly evil entity at this point after her crimes…it’s creepy and millions have up on it. Her recent conversation went something like this: would you try a small bite? The other person says No! She then says really?! You wouldn’t even if the person gave you permission, you wouldn’t even try it then? It’s difficult for the average person to understand that this has been going on in these elitist underground circles for millennia and it’s ritualistic, but they are being so open about it now.

    Spirit cooking and these openly satanic rituals that are going on while they’ve got the rest of us in lockdown and are brainwashing half the population is horrific to watch. The culling of the elderly that are in nursing homes without the ability to say no to the death vaccines are tragic. Even people that have the ability to say no are walking into the line because they think that this will get it back to normal…So many people think they are doing the right thing except they are just opening the door to more and more loopholes to jump through for “freedom.”

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