The Army Corps of Medical Doctors

The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he had not been born.”- Jesus

“When righteousness shall be manifested in the presence of the righteous themselves, who will be elected for their good works duly weighed by the Lord of spirits; and when the light of the righteous and the elect, who dwell on earth, shall be manifested; where will the habitation of sinners be? and where the place of rest for those who have rejected the Lord of spirits? It would have been better for them, had they never been born.”- Enoch 

It’s odd how two people, who lived centuries apart, could say the same thing to people of their times…only to have no one hear those words.

Since very few people understand those words, we have a real problem when it comes to healthcare. For example, people really believe that healthcare is a right. People believe that healthcare is a system where MDs fix the bad lifestyle choices that made them unhealthy.

The truth is that living a healthy life is 90% lifestyle choices, environmental factors and no whining; 10% of your health is controlled by your genes (unless you are even more unlucky).

Since we live in an age of “not being responsible for yourself while the government should handle our problems”, I will provide an easy fix to the healthcare situation. That easy fix comes in the form of the Army Corps of Medical Doctors. There are two major factors to pulling this off.

First, just like the Army Corps of Engineers, the military can start a division of Army Corps of Medical Doctors. What happens is that people can join the Army with the specific intent to become a medical doctor.

Here is how it would work: To get into these Army Corps of Medical Doctor schools, a person must have a score of over 500 on the math portion of their SATs. They should also pass an English test that shows that they know English at the English 1a level (freshman college level English). That is it. Nothing else. Being a medical doctor requires the same intelligence as an auto mechanic.

When a person joins the Army Corps of Medical Doctors, they must agree to work at a county hospital, VA hospital, state hospital, or any other government hospital that runs on 100% taxpayer funds, for the same amount of years it takes them to become an MD.

In most cases, it should take about 10 years to become a full-fledged MD. So for 10 years, that person will be making a modest salary working at a government hospital. Of course, that means they will make about $150K a year, but remember, they have zero student debt and zero operational costs associated with a private practice, so the trade off is great. Think about it:  If they save their money and don’t get into debt, that person can easily be a millionaire at the end of their 10-year obligation of working at the county or VA.

The Army Corps of Medical Doctors will provide 100% free health care to any person in the US. That means tourists, immigrants, homeless or wealthy bloke. It doesn’t matter; they will see anyone for anything. The Army Corps of Medical Doctors will take over all unused government-owned buildings and/or land and convert those properties into medical clinics and/or hospitals.

The students of the Army Corps of Medical Doctors (ACMD), will provide all medical treatments (under the direction of their instructors). All patients will sign a waiver stating that they cannot sue the ACMD for any reason (except for violations of Section 1983, federal law). If you want to kick heroin or crack, you can go to the local ACMD for free. If you have diabetes, go to the local ACMD. If you are lonely and want to try to pick up on a student MD, go to the local ACMD. The ACMD will see anyone for any reason and treat you accordingly.

Second, the government must do away with guaranteeing the banks that student loans will never go in default. Natural question is why? If banks stop giving out student loans willy nilly, universities will no longer have guaranteed sources of revenue.  The universities will have to compete with the military to get students.

When the students wise up and opt to join the ACMD, medical schools will be forced to drop their prices. Young people will flock to the Army to become an MD, making most medical schools obsolete (if they don’t drastically drop their prices).

When the ACMD schools go head-to-head with medical schools, the ACMD schools will come out ahead, especially when you take into account the clinical experiences they will be able to provide their students. No reasonable student will opt to be $500K in debt (for an Ivy League or Stanford education). So to attract more students, these schools must either close their programs, ask alumni for more cash, or drop their prices. The marketplace will force them to drop their prices so much that you’ll think it is 1950.

The government will also drop all Medicare and all government health insurances, too. There will be no need for that. Why? The Local ACMD will cover everything.

As far as private insurance goes, all private insurance will eventually drop their prices. Eventually, the marketplace should turn into more of a private practice-based medical system vs. the big giant medical Kaiser Foundation system.

Why will private practices flourish? An MD will make more money working for themselves than what Kaiser can pay. Since school is either free or $100K (start to finish), a new MD’s operational cost will be minimal (marketing will be one of their biggest expenses and not student debt). Local employers could also buy benefit packages that will attract employees by featuring private practice MDs.

The third thing the government must do is get rid of all welfare programs/social programs. No more EBT cards. No more free phones from the Obama era. No more government handouts unless you are developmentally disabled, over 65, so mentally ill that you pose a real danger to society and/or all of the above.

Before I end, the ACMD will also include dentists, oral surgeons or any other person that fixes teeth. Nursing programs will be available too.

Healthcare is really not a problem in this country. What you just read is an easy solution to implement (basically get an MD, make that person a Lt. Gen.). We will save tons of money (trillions a year) while people stop complaining about healthcare being a right. No one will be forced to have insurance or go to an MD if they do not want to go. I have the right to not go to an MD.

Getting the government out of the private sector is the driving factor of this idea. Long story short, this is what Jesus and Enoch were talking about. No one understood them because they…! Never mind, write your congress people and make them do this.


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  1. nostinkinroads
    March 23, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    “ Since we live in an age of “not being responsible for yourself while the government should handle our problems”
    Then begins the entitlement plan…
    I have an even better idea that responsible people have been using for centuries, it’s called personal accountability.
    Your idea (I assume) represents nothing more than another handout and entitlement, on the taxpayer’s dime.
    Nationalized Healthcare has failed everywhere it’s ever been implemented unless the public is taxed into oblivion and even then the level of care is abysmal. But that’s ok with the elite that will never use the public program, it provides another tool in their bag to keep the slaves voting for Santa.
    It’s not much different than the push to legalize recreational marijuana, the elite get wealthy off of tax revenues and get to impose backdoor gun control. Your state recreational or medical marijuana card automatically requires you either commit perjury on a federal background check or you are truthful and are denied since it’s still illegal on the federal level.
    What backdoor restrictions would and indeed have the evil geniuses scribbled into the fine print or enact through simple omissions.
    Your progressive word salad articles are the type of thinking that propagates mediocrity and proclaims it victory, a hollow victory, once again riding on the backs of the work force.
    I won’t promote this nonsense.
    Self awareness is another trait our society seems to be sorely lacking in as well.

  2. March 24, 2021 at 8:35 am

    LOL… You are funny, to say the least. I seriously doubt, your claim of “self awareness” would include your fear of (fill in the multiple blanks. I leave your fears blank because my response is not meant to offend you).

    Please explain, how this is “nationalized” healthcare (which you failed to define). You totally seem to forget that the military is 100% voluntary. You went all over the place in your response and didn’t address anything that I wrote. (But, I will still respond to your “all over the place” response.)

    I can honestly say that you live in fear because your words are based on feelings (again).

    You seem to think that it is the “work” force that will be joining the military. The last time I checked, the people in the “work” force are called civilians and not military personnel.

    No where do I write, that this is a forced healthcare system that civilians must participate in or pay for in any way. In fact, ending all “civilian” based social welfare programs is what I stated. (I am debating if we should end social security because it is a useless tax that pays very little in the end but for this article, I didn’t say let’s end social security. Your generation, out of fear, went along with social security taxes and Senator Roth’s idea of government controlled retirement. My point of ending social welfare programs is a minimum $1.1 trillion dollar annual savings)

    The only mistake I made in my logic was assuming that people would understand the difference between “civilian” and military personnel (and I know you do not know the difference between the two).

    Prostitution is exactly like marijuana. The feds do not have it in their enumerated powers (under article 1 section 8) to regulate vices. It is a “state” issue. (That is why I say you live in fear. Our taxes are so high because people live in fear of other people’s vices. That fear gives the government the “green light” to tax us civilians in order to hire more government officials (which include, regulators, police officers, judges, auxiliary staff etc.) Anyways, “state” rights vs “federal” rights is for another day. Now, some might say that under the “general welfare” clause they have the authority but a good civil right’s attorney should be able to knock that noise right out of the park.

    You claim to support the idea of “personal accountable” yet you seem to agree with people going to a 100% tax payer funded system for people going to jail to “learn their lesson”. Murder is not the same as getting high or getting drunk. Now, I am all for a system, based on the civilian or private sector to handle matters of drug use, or alcohol use etc but I know in your world, you need the government to do it for you. Your emotions and fear scream out “government save me, save me from these horrible vices, as I wear a mask but heaven forbid that the US Army compete against the private sector in medicine.” You seem to think the 8th Amendment is some sort of joke or mistake. Any vice that doesn’t include rape or murder, that gets prosecuted is an 8th amendment violation in principal (and has been won at the SCOTUS level but those govt employees love those taxes). Your way of thinking created this “sue happy” world we live in. People look to the govt to handle their problems and you are no different.

    In your mind, it is good system that the government funds 100% of the current medical system (and it does. I didn’t go into it because it will go over everyone’s head…not a knock on the readers but I know very few people know that each local, state and federal govt corporation, which has authority to file Chapter 9, buys public shares in every medical company around the globe, let alone this country. That practice needs to stop but again that is for another day.)

    Regarding “federal” background checks. No one cares. Federal jobs, including intelligence agencies, don’t give a rat’s behind about smoking weed. Do you not know, how many federal employees that were former Ivy League students that got arrested for cocaine possession and/or the manufacturing of illegal narcotics, who lied about it on their “background check” and still got the job anyways? Rhetorical question, I already know the answer is no. Seriously, there is no connection with this weed thing and why the US Army should compete against the private sector to drive down prices.

    Long story short, you do not have to worry about your taxes (which was your point) going up to pay for this Army Corps of Medical Doctors. We’d save $1.1 trillion by ending Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and marketplace subsidies alone (that is more than 25% of our annual GDP). The $697 billion spent on Defense can easily fund the Army Corp of Medical Doctors because military personnel make chump change, slightly above minimum wage and they already have the land, buildings etc.). Instead of writing muckety-muck, please explain how it would fail. Seriously, if you think that a thriving private sector wouldn’t arise from a competing Army Corps of MDs, please explain the how’s and whys. If you think that Medical schools would get more expensive, please explain. Do not go into tangents about weed and other nonsense (like claiming victories…LOL…It is like you think this is an actually policy president Trump might do in 2024. It would be awesome if he did but it would be nearly impossible because the people, like yourself are to afraid to live without welfare, so the political will to end all social welfare programs is a pipe dream)

    There is nothing Progressive about this scribbling. It is 100% approved by Jesus and echoed by Moses grandfather Enoch.

  3. March 24, 2021 at 11:45 am

    Sorry I didn’t bother to read that, good luck and I hope it works out for your group.

    • March 24, 2021 at 2:25 pm

      I should start by saying (based on your latest response) that what I write does not necessarily reflect the views of DWUSA. I have no idea what group you are referring to so a good guess would be DWUSA. Either way, it will never work out for “your group” if we Patriots, Conservatives, MAGA Republicans etc do not start to think critically. That thinking also has to be different from what the establishment RINOS would say. For example, a RINO would say stupid things like “your article is National Healthcare that would tax us to oblivion”. Be honest, every politician or FOX pundit would say that. Why? They are paid to lie to us. CNN would be against it because “medical students can’t provide good quality health care” and “it is untrue that personal behavior dictates your health”.

      If you honestly think that I am some sort of Progressive, then change my mind. Doesn’t your personal code of morals give you some sense of duty to rid this country of Progressive thought? I guess not. That applies to everyone and not just Nostinkinroads. If we cannot engage each other in a spirited debate, then what makes any of us think we can change the majority’s opinion of embracing big government (and yes, I can see the irony if you believe what I am saying is a big govt entitlement program but the reality is, if done correctly, an Army Corps of MDs can shrink the federal budget by 50% in under two years).

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