A Golden Calf Or The Lion and Lamb?

Did you see it? It was remarkable wasn’t it? A golden statue of Trump at CPAC. It was videoed. People took their pictures with it. Whoa to us all! How dare the party that says it is the Godly party to have a golden calf at their event! God will remove His protection and favor from America and the last vestige of hope for the Godly in this country if this is not disavowed. Not just by the general public, but by Trump himself.

Personally, I thought the thing was quite garish. It was vulgar. It needs to be busted into pieces. It will be the downfall of the republican party. It is absolute blasphemy. God will not bless this nation any more if we do not humble ourselves and come to God with true repentance. The entirety of the Republican party needs to disavow that statue.

We are having our own Golden Calf moment. Will our leaders stand up and follow God or will they go down the road of idol worship? We cannot worship any of our leaders including Trump. Let us come together and repent of this golden image. Pray. Pray for God’s will to be done. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our nation. We need to come to God.

This is not something to take lightly. This is not a joke. God is very serious and we need to firm up our faith. Put on the whole armor of God and repent and pray for this nation. We need to call out our leaders for not acting in a Biblical manner. God belongs as the head of our nation. Let’s put Him back where He belongs!

I call for all of us to stand up. I challenge those who preach to speak out on all the issues. Do your research! When you sign up to be a 501(c)3, you muzzle not just yourself, you muzzle God! We need to stand together. We need to stand for God and His principles. God will provide for us during these times. His people need to come together in love and do His will. God first, then country. Let us spark the greatest revival this world will ever see.

Tear down the idols of the world. Get rid of the “high places”. This country has replaced God with idols of all kinds. We must tear them down and repent. Turn off the televisions! Get back to having family Bible time. Spend time in the Word. Teach your children well for they will be the ones to carry the banner of God into the future. The time of the world’s idols having dominion over this country are over! Our children are being programmed to accept the idols of this world as what is true and right. We must counter this immediately.

Now is the time to rise up and stand for God! Cast aside the golden calf and take up the banner of the Lion and the Lamb.

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