A journal entry

Written by:  @rkymtngrl

Dear Covid,

I am not afraid. Fear is learned. We were born into this world without fabric and we leave this world without fabric. Last April 5, 2020, I took my first step to not be afraid. I spent my evening with my parents. Some people I know didn’t like this choice, some did.

Today April 6, 2021, is the one year anniversary of my dad rejoicing in heaven, and not because of you! I celebrate on earth today the victory I have over you, Covid. I will not walk in fear.

Because of you, Covid, I was able to spend 14 days uninterrupted with my mom. We processed, bonded, grieved and continued living. God’s timing is perfect. My dad did not have to face this world of isolation that you created. For that I am grateful. My life may have looked different if dad would have been told to face you alone. I would have not let that happen.

My child will not bow to you. Restricting breathing is not something we choose to accept. One year has gone by. You’re still here. Right? Government has tried to instill fear, control & limit. We are children of the most high God who created our bodies to ward off infection.

Covid, what you have given me is three plus months in 2020 with our family all together, enjoying each other. You have cut negative influencers out of my life. You have strengthened my faith and walk with God. Dear Covid, I am not afraid of you.


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  1. April 6, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    Fear is not a virtue

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