Alternative News Sources

Break the Big Tech Monopoly

Instead of...Switch to

Facebook – Kanextions or MeWe

Twitter – CloutHub

You Tube – Rumble

Google Chrome or Safari – Brave Browser

Facebook Messaging app – Telegram app

Google or Bing – Duck Duck Go

Google Mail – Proton Mail

Google Maps – Inroute App

Do you Trust Mainstream Media?

The Majority of Mainstream is Owned by the Same Six Corporations.

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Let's put these Big Retailers out of Business

The only way to do this is to go back to the basics.

 Instead of going to Walmart for:





Instead of Amazon 

Stop banking with “Banks” 

Go to:


Local Butcher

Farmers Market


Shop at Ebay

Switch to Credit Unions

You can always try the option of growing and making the stuff at home too!


If you grow your own veggies, learn to can them.


If your neighbor raises meat, offer to grow some veggies in exchange.


Instead of going to fancy restaurants, have a potluck with everyone.


If you need gift for someone, try going to a local boutique.


Always try to shop from a local business prior to a Big Retailer.


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