Battlefield Strategies

As we advance through a minefield of Leftist attacks, we must learn to adjust, create new strategies, counterattack, avoid damage and maintain pressure where applicable.

We have a set of strategies in place currently and everyone needs to participate vigorously. We are also developing new strategies as we see the need. Below, you will find strategy initiatives as well as the strategies that we will be putting into place as we go along. As we move to stay two steps ahead of our enemy, you can expect changes. 

  • Post this page with the media website on all available social media and in all of the groups that you are a member of. We need to spread the word that there are alternatives and big tech as well as news media.
  • You may or may not agree that secession is constitutional or even possible. Don’t get caught up in the details. The possibility that this could be successful is a bonus to the reality that talk of secession will throw the left off balance. Even a serious discussion of two states withdrawing from the union will take the left off of their agenda. 
  • The article 5 Convention of States is without dispute, constitutional. This is a provision of the Constitution. The argument that it will change the Constitution is ludicrous. It will, in fact, restore the Constitution that we have not been following for years. We need to act on this and put pressure on our State legislators for the same reason that we need to have a serious discussion about secession. We must make the left lose balance. Follow this link to join in this effort 
  • Bringing more people into our organization is an ongoing effort that we can all participate in. This can be done by utilizing two different strategies. Re-post the recruiting messages that I send out on the directives channel onto the groups on various social media. The other is by following the directions on this page. 
  • We can starve the economy that has been commandeered by the left in a variety of different ways. We build our own economy as we are doing, which will include businesses from every point in the supply chain. We are also working on a payment processing method that will operate outside of the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal networks. Stay tuned for details on this. We can also divert the dollars that we spend away from the big box stores and big online retailers and instead spend money with our local Businesses. The page below is a small but growing list of patriot businesses that you can patronize if you live in the area or they may be able to ship to your area. This list Will soon become an entire website. 
  • We have partnered with an organization that works to divert advertising dollars away from the big media purveyors by contacting advertisers and asking them to reconsider where they spend their advertising dollars.
  • We are currently working on obtaining contact information for all of the general officers of our military to implore them to step up and take charge of our government and replace the corrupt and illegitimate people who have inserted themselves into positions of power. More information to come on this.
  • It appears that local election officials in the past election were not the vanguards that they were assigned to be. These election officials need to be replaced.  We are currently looking into the requirements for becoming local election officials. This may be the next area where we need to focus our attention. 

Stay actively engaged as new strategies come about.

  2 comments for “Battlefield Strategies

  1. Kim
    February 6, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    Excellent. My 32 year old daughter told me tonight that she didn’t watch Mike Lindell because there was nothing she could do about all of it. She’s helpless in a small town in Northern California.
    This will help
    Thanks for the information.

    • Krissy Heeg
      February 7, 2021 at 8:28 am

      Kim. let your daughter know that she is not alone and there are millions mobilizing to take back our country. It’s not over by a longshot. I hope that she will be encouraged as I pray for the hopeless and for the patriots to be strengthened.

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