Crossing the Line – Part One

There have been countless stories written about the struggles of immigrants making their way to our shores over the decades. Most are heart-rending. This series will be dealing with the latest of those efforts; misguided efforts that are initiated without regard to the cost to those immigrants, and efforts that have created the single most devastating immigration crisis in the history of this nation.
In a previous article, entitled, Human Trafficking (aka Another Argument Against Unlimited Immigration), I discussed the numerous pitfalls of unlimited immigration. My predictions did not even approach the levels of dire problems that would result.
Since that article was written in March, I have been contacted by an anonymous source, strategically placed to observe some of the problems that have occurred as a direct result of this administration’s immigration policies. The hard-working folks, who fall under the broad umbrella of DHS, have their hearts broken on a daily basis by some of the situations arising. They are trying their best to handle this crisis with the most care and love they can muster, in what, from my perspective, seems to be hopelessly mired in red tape.
They use what laws are on the books that have not been handcuffed by ill-conceived administrative decrees and executive orders to help the helpless, while still protecting our citizens from bad actors. Imagine, if you will, that your boss told you that your workload is about to become tenfold what it was. Imagine further that many of the tools you have been using will no longer be available. Were I in their shoes, I’m not sure how long I could endure. It is no small miracle that a large part of our immigration agencies have not suffered unprecedented resignations.
There are many stop gap measures being deployed that involve illegal appropriations of funds, materials, and manpower. For example, my source just informed me about new tent cities that are being constructed on an emergency basis, in an inadequate level that amounts to sticking your finger in the dike. My research has revealed no evidence of the proper awarding of contracts based on bids. Indeed, we wonder, have the contractors even been vetted. One such site will be located very far inland from the border, as have several such sites. I just received an email from the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Allen West, where he discusses seeing the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, where 3,000 to 4,000 illegal immigrant males are “being housed, guarded by troops from the U.S. Army First Infantry Division.”1
My questions: How much is this costing American Taxpayers? Who authorized this expenditure? How long will they be there? Where will they go from there? Who will be involved in the decision of where they go? Will communities be given the opportunity to refuse these immigrants?
My source disclosed to me that many from the “Triangle Countries” (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) are being returned to their countries because of COVID considerations, despite the television and radio ads in their countries by this administration assuring them that they would be welcomed.
There is so much more to tell, but let’s save some of that for Part Two. As complex as this crisis has become, there is no way to give it the coverage it deserves in one article. There is more of the story coming soon.

1 Chairman West’s Monday Message for 4.26.21 – Republican Party of TexasRepublican Party of
Texas (

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