April 25, 2021

We the People”: the three most important words in world history, enshrined in the Constitution, establishing freedom and from whence government’s power is derived. Thus, elected Public School officials are servants held in high regard. They work for the people. Not the other way around. I wish to speak against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom and curricula.

CRT sounds laudable; a ‘theory’ implemented within classrooms. CRT makes OUR children/grandchildren social experiments. CRT undermines parenting and American values held by the majority in the country. CRT fails to produce the next generation with critical reading and thinking skills necessary to thrive within a free society. CRT produces products suitable for state control, not for freedom. CRT divides rather than unites people under the banner that “all men are created equal.”

CRT is the grandchild of Critical Theory (CT) with CT’s roots in Marx and Engels communistic worldview and Nietzschean relativism. This philosophy changes language’s meaning. “Power” is in words. Those controlling the meaning of words hold the power and shape thinking.

Marx’s societal analysis was to divide and conquer oppressors/oppressed. Today these classes are white supremacy/other races as redefined by the Left. The Left MUST dismantle and replace Freedom’s traditional values through the classroom to establish their language and worldview to bring about their goal. CRT and its kissing cousin, The 1619 Project, is the weapon to reframe history and finish this.

Communism’s Goal #17 is to control the schools: use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Principles of American freedom and our Founders have been deconstructed in public education from kindergarten to Ph.D. programs. 

The BLM at School movement use academic approaches, such as CRT. Parents throughout the whole political spectrum want “parental-undermining” CRT and The 1619 Project eliminated by district school boards and struck from curricula. 

These children are OUR children. The School Board should firmly stand against CRT. If CRT is in the system, then get rid of it. Many in the community would have their back. 

The bombing of Pearl Harbor happened December 7, 1941. The Japanese empire realized they had awakened a sleeping giant. We’re awake.


Respectfully submitted,

Michael Redeker


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