Death’s Grave

Divide and Conquer
That is their plan
Making us fight amongst ourselves
So that we will not see
Them lock us up in chains
To do their bidding
To work for their pleasure
Our lives no longer our own
They decide who lives and dies
The march to the oligarchy drums
Have begun in years past
First so quiet no one noticed
But now they beat loudly
Do you hear?
Can you not see?
How they wish to be called master
Walking around as though they be gods
Come dear children, gather ‘round
For you are about to see
Freedom breathe her last breath
Unless you are willing
To take a stand now
To risk it all for the future
Saving the generations to come
From the machinations of those
Hell bent and blood thirsty
For power and domination
Over a world not equipt
For such evil intents
Open your eyes
Before it’s too late
And you awaken in death’s grave

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