Election Fraud. Have We Seen This Before? Box 13

By Marianne

I can remember the day that I was first able to vote.  I had just turned 18 and throughout school the excitement of being able to vote for the first time ran through the halls of my high school.  There were some that just shrugged their shoulders and went on with their day, but then there were students like me that were excited to have the responsibility of being able to choose our President.  As I looked at the ballot before me for the first time, waves of excitement grew.  Everything that I had learned in school was right in front of me and no one was going to take my freedom of telling me who to vote for.  This was my decision and my decision alone.  Fast forward to today:  Like every other election, I stepped behind the voting box and looked at the decisions before me; and, like every year before this one, this decision was mine and mine alone.  I made my decision and turned in my ballot and watched in anticipation as the numbers of votes scrolled across the screen.  I went to bed happy that night knowing that my vote was counted and that the next day would be a day of celebration.  

I woke up the next morning to find that I had gone to bed too early because the numbers had drastically changed.  The reports of surprise and confusion swept the nation; then the reports of election fraud and not to talk about election fraud swept the nation.  Accounts were being removed, silenced, and those speaking about election fraud threatened.  In a very short period of time the once revered thought of a free election had been compromised, but have we seen this before?  Is this the first time that something like this has happened and been publicized?  Had the Democratic party done this to us before?  The more I researched, the more information seemed to  point to no, but was it because it was being censored?  Seems like it, because I happened to stumble across Box 13.

The story of Box 13 seems to mirror what had happened in the last election.  Some people shrug it off as a conspiracy theory and for some it has become a treasure hunt.  The story of Box 13 starts in the year of 1948 when Lyndon Johnson was running for a Senate seat against Coke Stevenson.  In the small town of Alice, Texas, there was a run off election and it seemed as if Lyndon Johnson had lost to Coke Stevenson, but then something happened.  A box, Box 13, was discovered and there were uncounted votes.  In an article written by Pamela Colloff, she states, “the votes for Johnson were written in the same handwriting, signed in the same ink, and cast in alphabetical order” (Collof, 1998).  This seems very familiar with the mail in voting that we keep hearing about.  We have heard that many of the envelopes that were received have the same handwriting and that members of the GOP were unable to verify the signatures on the envelopes.  

Another important piece of information concerning the election of today vs. Box 13 is that it only contained enough votes for Johnson to win.  Now, we have learned from this election that Biden was behind and in the middle of the night counting stopped in some counties.  Why would we need to stop counting and tell some people to go home, but not others?  It would seem that they needed to know how many votes were needed to bring Biden ahead. Just like in our election, box 13 seemed to have just enough votes to win.  Pamela Colloff states that three days after the election, “officials made a startling discovery in Alice: Precinct 13’s tally sheet, which reported 765 votes for Johnson on primary day, now listed 965 in his favor” (Collof, 1998).  It would seem that we saw this in a swing state not so long ago, in Georgia.  It was said that in Georgia counting stopped because of a pipe burst; however, Paul Dzikowski, a Georgia lawyer, stated, “’beyond the lack of documentary evidence of the inspection or repair of a ruptured pipe, we are being asked to believe that there is no one single picture of the allegedly ruptured pipe’” (Chung, 2020).  It is also noted that the only evidence that they have with a pipe burst that night is through a text message which can also be found in the article that is mentioned.  In fact, Chung points out “officials in Georgia have not been able to produce any invoices or work orders related to a “’burst pipe’” at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena that was blamed for an abrupt pause in vote counting on election night” (Chung, 2020).  

There still remains too many questions that remain unanswered when it comes to our election night, and so many Americans feel disenfranchised over the election results.  The once proud feeling that I had when I first casted my vote now seems to have a shadow cast upon the trust of the people counting my vote.  It would seem that even now we are facing our once sacred vote to be in question in our future.  The H.R.1 bill is up for a vote in the Senate which allows for automatic voter registration and same day voter registration.  It also allows for conditions on removal on the basis of interstate cross-checks, which you can find the complete bill on here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/1/text .  As I write this, in my state of Virginia there is a special election for March 23 and on the website, it states, “If you believe you may not safely have a witness present while completing the absentee ballot for the March 23, 2021 Special Election, you are not required to have a witness present or have a witness sign your ballot envelope.  Your ballot will not be rejected due to a missing witness signature.  These instructions override any instructions on your ballot envelopes regarding witness signatures” (Virginia Department of Elections, 2019).  

This type of disregard for our natural rights as citizens of the United States is being dismantled right before our eyes.  The left is chipping away, very quickly, our foundation and it looks like we have caught them before with the discovery of Box 13.  What will you do with this information?  What will you do to help stop this?  A suggestion would be to flood our Senators, Representatives, Legislators, Governors, and anyone else who will listen with emails, letters and phone calls letting them know that we don’t agree with them.  Go to your local GOP meeting, get involved, and spread the word to others.  Together we can make sure that things like Box 13 and the election fraud that happened will not happen again on our watch.           

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