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Author Note: Google and Youtube have been trying to squash this story. We found another copy of the video on Rumble and the Latest News is in a link below.

What if it turns out Italy did it? There is a story out that it was Italians who were actually responsible for the alleged vote switching in the US election. We have done the research so you can review the facts and decide for yourself.

Yesterday the host of American Can We Talk, Debbie Georgatos, interviewed Maria Zack from Nations in Action. According to Ms. Zack, Arturo D’Ella, an IT specialist who worked with an Italian security company, Leonardo SpA, was the person who uploaded the software that instructed the voting systems to change election data on November 3 and 4th. She received a signed affidavit from Italian attorney, Prof. Alfio D’Urso, that outlines the facts presented in meetings with high-level army security services officials. The affidavit was sent to members of Congress and President Trump’s Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows.

Nations in Action and the Institute for Good Government worked cooperatively over several weeks to uncover this information. Both groups have been involved in efforts over the years to ensure safe and accurate elections.

 Here is a copy of the conversation on American Can We Talk.


There is more to the story, at least 2 different versions.  

According to Reuters, who received their information from the arrest warrant, Mr. D’Ella was arrested on December 5 along with co-worker Antonio Rossi over their alleged role in hacking Leonardo’s computers. Mr. D’Ella was accused of targeting details of Europe’s biggest unmanned fighter jet programme and aircraft used by the Italian military and police while Mr. Rossi was accused of helping with the coverup. Italian police said on Dec. 5 that at least 10 gigabytes of confidential data were stolen from Leonardo between 2015 and 2017 through malware installed on targeted machines. Leonardo said that no strategic classified information was involved. The investigation is ongoing. Both men have been arrested but not charged. 

According to a press release from Nations in Action and the Institute for Good Governance, the December 5 arrest and the subsequent investigation appears to be an attempt to reduce backlash. “Recent reports of a hack at Leonardo now appear to have been an orchestrated cover to mitigate blowback on the corporation which is partially owned by the Italian government” the press release states.

The press release from Nations in Action and Institute for Good Governance also contains links to an English language editorial written by Riccardo Corsetto of L’Unico describing the situation in Italy. Links at the top of that page, take you to the Italian versions of the editorial.  According to Mr. Corsetto, “The Italian Government and Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte are directly involved in the electoral fraud that affected the American elections leading to Joe Biden’s pending illegal victory.” 

At this point, we are waiting to find out more information. If you uncover more sources, please let us know and we will follow up. 

Reuters article

Press release from Nations In Action and Institute for Good Governance.

Latest News – 1.16.2021

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