First Grade

Welcome to First Grade. Below are the different subjects that are provided. Please click on box to see the outline of what will be taught to your little one.

First Grade Math
First Grade Reading
First Grade Concepts of Print with Reading
First Grade Writing
First Grade Language
First Grade Science
First Grade Government and Citizenship
First Grade History and Culture

DWUSAMedia is on a mission to bring as many children into homeschooling as possible. Our aim is to bring a high quality Pre-K thru 12 grade curriculum to the world that teaches, the real history of our civilization, civics, US Constitution, old school mathematics, biology as we always knew it and every subject without the extreme Socio-political indoctrination found in Public schools and make it affordable for everyone.

Our program is a free offering, however, those who can afford it, will have the opportunity to donate so that we can continue to keep education free for those who need it.

If you have any questions, please email the Curriculum Staff.