If You’re Against School Choice, You’re Racist!

by V J Willis

   That’s right, if you are against school choice, you are racist! It’s that simple. Well, not quite that simple yet, but it will be by the time I explain why.

   The issue of “School Choice” has been around since 1955. Milton Friedman, in an essay titled, “The Role of Government in Education” is credited with first addressing the issue.  For sixty-six years the issue has been argued exhaustively, yet, Leftists are vehemently opposed to the concept’s implementation. This begs the question, “Why?”

   The answer is really quite simple. If these same youths step out of poverty, the hold Democrats have on minorities disappears. Democrats believe that keeping minorities uneducated keeps them poor, vulnerable and easily influenced. This is the reason for generation after generation of minorities being mired in poverty. It begs the use of the old adage, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and he will feed himself forever.”

   I won’t bore you with the over abundance of statistics proving that minorities, like everyone else, have no lack of the intelligence required to succeed. Democrats are all too aware of this truth.

   If you examine minorities income levels, those who have been successful, are disproportionately Republican. They have come to realize the yoke of oppression that government assistance has become for minorities in particular. As the truth becomes apparent to more of these Americans, the Democrats’ oppressive stranglehold is eroding.

   It’s the same technique they have employed during this plandemic known as COVID 19. By forcing businesses out of existence, except for their carefully chosen supporters, and forcing historically high unemployment levels, they hope to make all Americans dependent on the government for their daily bread. The unbridled and simultaneous promotion of the socialist movement in our nation seeks to enslave not only the previously impoverished millions, but also to add tens of millions more to their tyrannical grip. But, I digress. Let’s get back to school choice.

   There is an unprecedented push to force communist curriculum onto schools nationwide. This would include tyrannical restrictions on the freedom of even private and home schools to operate more efficiently and effectively than public schools, cancelling the desire for school choice altogether.

   Between these efforts and the push to allow more impoverished immigrants to come to America, Democrats plan to assure themselves a voter base that will have no choice, save financial ruin, but to vote for government that will perpetually fund their very existence, and continue to provide a workforce enslaved in low paying jobs. These jobs of course, also ensure slums that will be consolidated to ensure that the elite don’t have to interact with the poor, except on those occasions where votes are bought with promises every election cycle.

   If you are racist, keep fighting school choice. If you aren’t racist, let your state and federal elected officeholders know that you expect them to support school choice, or you will vote for candidates who do so with their actions.


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