Illegal Immigration & The Ghetto

“There’s so little money in my bank account, my scenic checks show a ghetto.” – Phyllis Diller

Whatever happened to being able to laugh and laugh at the struggles in our lives? Growing up in the ghetto, we grew up laughing at ourselves and each other for our shortcomings. It is known as self-deprecating humor.

Phyllis Diller was famous for this type of humor. Ms. Diller also had a huge gay following too. Why? Gays, like the people in the ghetto, use to be able to laugh at themselves and their shortcomings. Now…no one laughs.

While I cannot speak to why Gays lost their humor, I can speak on why blacks lost their sense of humor in the ghetto. That reason is illegal immigration that is backed by the Progressives. As I wrote before, illegal immigration is the biggest threat for the American born people living in the ghetto (who are disproportionately black). And that’s no joke.

SIDENOTE: I’m writing this because Freedomboi doesn’t understand why I would write such a thing. Jesse could use this for arguments if he is ever confronted. Also, Beth’s students might get a kick from seeing how ghetto life isn’t what they are told in YOOTOOB videos.

I’m starting with the “why”. The main reason why Progressives want illegal immigration is to build that pathway to communism. So, as Progressives have done throughout US History, they use blacks as the guinea pigs. So people like Nancy Pelosi flood the ghettos with illegals and let the experiment happen. If Nancy is successful, we will be one step closer to full communism.

So, why is this anti-black? Well, as we all know, Progressives are racist since their inception as a political force (basically when Woodrow Wilson became the president at Princeton University in 1902). Progressives know that the KKK and labor unions lost their teeth and could never destroy blacks like they did back between 1915-1940. Progressives brought in the extremely racist illegal immigrants who openly hate blacks in their culture and created “Sanctuary” cities.

Sidenote #2: Latinos being openly racist is a deep subject. First, there is no such thing as a “Brown” race. About 99.99% of the human population is some sort of shade of brown. Almost no one is the color of a black or white crayon. Lies about racism against “brown” people is just another mass lie to hide true racism perpetrated by white Mexicans or Latinos that pretend they are not white by speaking Spanish. Latino blacks do the same thing. They pretend they are not black by speaking Spanish…it is totally crazy but true. Here is a good documentary by PBS. Sometimes a progressive outlet will accidentally tell the truth.

Here is the How Illegal Immigrants destroy blacks in the ghetto

A. They bring in diseases like tuberculosis.

1a. It puts a strain on public services that are very limited.

2a. Please do your own research on why social diseases hit poor areas hard.

B. The illegals are unskilled and uneducated people: Forcing a strain on the public school system and ghetto labor market.

1b. The children of illegals do not speak English. This forces black students (like in Oakland, CA) to sit patiently as teachers teach in Spanish first, then English later.

“What we’ve learned is that, statewide, 67% of newcomer students are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Just 40% speak Spanish as a home language, with big differences across districts. For example, 91% of Oakland’s 3,222 newcomers are socioeconomically disadvantaged and 46% of them are Spanish-speaking. Cupertino’s 2,478 newcomers are just 4% socioeconomically disadvantaged, and 1% of them are Spanish-speaking. These students and districts require different approaches.” Sam Finn quoting some source in his article from the SF Chronicle.

1b and a half. Well there is a silver lining. If a black kid in Oakland is lucky, he or she might be lucky by becoming bilingual. He will learn to talk English and learn to talk shit.

2b. There are no people willing to hire young teens in high school at jobs like McDonald’s or car washes or construction companies (that used to hire young teens or ex-cons in the hood and teach them about construction while they got minimum wage). Why? Well go look at your ghetto Walmart or McDonald’s. Many illegal adult women work there. Those people (adult illegal women) have way less turnover than youth (that need to be replaced every year as they move up in life) and companies like less turnover.

Sidenote #3: I’m just scratching the surface on labor but if you lived it or are living in it, you know what I write is true. For the rest, it is time for you to take a field trip to the hood and see for yourself. Or you can go look up the labor stats from our government.

C. The criminal element that Illegals bring to the ghetto is no joke.

Everyone knows about MS-13 and how to join that group you must kill a black person in that block or surrounding blocks. In other words, those people hunt blacks for sport and not a peep from Progressives.

Human trafficking that illegal immigration hides is a billion times worse than gangs hunting blacks because most blacks just left South Central (which is now called South LA, as if a name change will stop that ghetto from being ghetto) or Oakland or “name of progressive city with a black population being infiltrated by illegals”.

You want to stop Human Trafficking? Then stop illegal immigration protection in Sanctuary Cities. How does Human Trafficking affect blacks? Very quickly…

1. They live in apartments set up for prostitution where “civilians/non-gang members” live. Blacks become a witness to their human trafficking activities. When you are a witness, they kill you.

2. The sexual predators that “date” victims of human trafficking are weirdos that molest and kidnap children. These weirdos also tend to be powerful progressive people. Here in the SF Bay Area, they tend to be well-connected techies. I can go on and on….


There are solutions. Push the EB-5 Immigrant Visa program but also abolish EB-5 Regional Centers. All EB-5 immigrant investors must open a direct business with an American citizen. They get a 50% discount if they do it with a ghetto dude…that’s already policy (the 50% discount…lol)

Here is a link about the current EB-5 program (trust me when I say it’s corrupt).

Day by day we get closer to becoming a communist country. Nancy Pelosi , Hollywood/MSM with recent help from China somehow tricked (which I can explain at a later date) the rest of the country (who never lived through the ghetto experience) into believing that “ghetto” is a “cool” lifestyle choice. The truth is simple, if you keep believing that blacks choose to be “ghetto” or that ghetto life is somehow admirable…. Ugh. Long story short, don’t allow fear to be the driving factor of voting in a Nancy Pelosi where you live.

  8 comments for “Illegal Immigration & The Ghetto

  1. March 2, 2021 at 12:31 pm

    So in a nutshell it’s a plan perpetrated by the man to keep homey down.
    MalcolmX warned them.

    • March 2, 2021 at 5:06 pm

      LOL, not exactly. The “man” has to always be defined Progressives. There is a big problem with Conservatives buying into the Progressive narrative that Trump supporters that are white are white supremacists. Under Trump, according to his FBI director that testified today in the Senate, stated that the arrest of white domestic terrorists had gone up 300% since he took over the FBI. That stat he uttered is complete BS if it is true. Why does anyone care about the KKK or White nationalists? They are NOT the ones hurting black communities. It is only the Progressives who are mostly killing blacks out of racism and not white nationalists.

      “Homey” is just the first one to get experimented on. Eventually, illegal immigrants will affect non blacks in the same way they affect the black communities (just ask Kate’s parents.). I know there is an outreach program to attempt to get them thinking conservative but that is a long ways away.

      Malcolm X was overrated . He was a lot better than MLK Jr but ultimately Malcolm X believed that Mohammed Amin al-Husseini was a good man (even though he baked a ton of people in Kaiser ovens, as practice, on Shark Island before Hitler did it to the Jews). The real civil rights movement ended when Eisenhower left office.

  2. March 3, 2021 at 1:17 am

    No, no. This is just not true at all. Not EVERYONE knows about MS-13. Would like to know your expertise on these employment authorization cards, the Spanish speaking Dominican, Puerto Rican, and other countries as well as your claim they are ALL unskilled. Nope, not a progressive in the least. Just would like some clarification here. Gracias!

    • March 3, 2021 at 2:50 pm

      Hmmmm, where do I start? Everybody who is reading this article knows about MS-13. Can you accept that? (insert smiley face to show that I mean you no harm) Puerto Rico is a US territory so they are not illegals. My “expertise” as you call it, is just one notch better than yours. (no offense just a little fact I picked up by reading your comment) The use of the term “unskilled” doesn’t literally mean that an illegal immigrant doesn’t know how to tie their shoes or drive a car.

      Now according to Merriam-Webster (and not me) unskilled labor is defined as
      : labor that requires relatively little or no training or experience for its satisfactory performance

      That definition fits the mold of an illegal alien. All that Progressive noise that illegal immigrants were Doctors and lawyers is nonsense. They are unskilled and no employer will vouch for their expertise (which is why they come illegally.)

      It is ok if you are a Progressive, I’m just here to set the record straight of how Progressives are simply racists. Racists that pretend not to be racists, while creating policies to destroy this country (while blaming others of racism).

  3. Martin
    March 3, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Your research here seems to be spot on. However some of your other work I’ve seen lacked the work. I love that you speech out on what you see wrong. On that topic, we need more men willing to do more. However I do urge you to look deeper into some of your subjects. Your speech with great purpose, and that’s great. You do miss what some people are doing behind the main stream. So please keep up the good work. But before you push someone away for not agreeing with you. Remember the first thing written in our constitution. And yes after 250 years it’s every shade of Americans constitution.

    • March 3, 2021 at 2:54 pm

      Hmmmmmmmm, please go to my other articles and rip me a new one. I’m not trying to push people away. I do what I do to get people to defend their positions. It is a great tool to learn. When the time comes when a person has to defend their positions to a Progressive, they will be ready

  4. March 3, 2021 at 10:13 am

    I guess the real question is why the ‘less fortunate’ continue to vote for the very leftists that want open borders? The answer is of course entitlements and the entire demographic that they in every form hold hostage. This segues into the warnings of MalcolmX in regard to liberals, I should have been more specific. Furthermore I have never considered him a good man (I never met him though), simply an intelligent and articulate one in his own right.

    The furtherance and continued promotion of the ‘culture of victimization’ mindset is necessary to maintain a clear division between the groups that the elite of either supposed political alignment wish to rule. This cycle of division and those that orchestrate it is our true collective enemy.

    Side Note:
    I found the discourse put forth at CPAC 2021 in the Sunday segment titled “Doubt, Dysfunction and the Price of Missed Opportunity” to be great dialogue and worth further discussion in general. Sonnie Johnson’s analogy with regards to her ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ reference was simply genius, she juxtaposed that conservatives always make the mistake of sending a “Carlton Banks” into inner cities when they should be sending the “Will Smith”, now that would be an effective outreach program.

    I guess the overarching moral is “elections have consequences”.

  5. March 3, 2021 at 3:05 pm

    I guess the real question is why the ‘less fortunate’ continue to vote for the very leftists that want open borders? I hate that question because the answer sucks. I agree 100% with your thinking. The really messed up part of your answer is that people really are lazy. If given a choice between hard work and being lazy, people choose being lazy. I know you know that from your other comments but that is why I think someone like you should be teaching others about working with their hands… I know Thomas Sowell made that point about choosing to be lazy while at UCLA but on the other hand, I believe people do get bored and are driven to work hard at something.

    I knew what you meant about Malcolm X…I was just putting it out there. It is funny how there are many “great” figures in history. It is too bad most “great men were not “good” men

    Holy smokes (about your sidenote). That is so funny. It is 100% true though. I’ve been conservative my whole life (it is the only way to survive) but Candice Owens is a “Carlton Banks. On the other hand, there is this one guy Lonnel (I wrote about him in the church piece) who just doesn’t know enough about how things works…) LOL. Street credibilty is over-rated. We have to teach people how to make money. Once they see how the govt takes so much of that money, they will flip

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