Italy’s Involvement in our Election: The Takedown of America – Part 2

JBW: I wanted to ask you something, Maria. … the 18th of November, why is this a significant date?

MZ: That is … when we were first contacted with information from Italy. A lot of people asked me, you know, “Why didn’t you move faster, why didn’t you do more?” Well, we have done everything humanly possible. I’ve had some nights with sleep of one hour and many with just two, and I can tell you we have worked tirelessly at Nations in Action to pull together this information. We got it into the hands of people in Congress and in government, and honestly, I was surprised, and certainly with the president’s team, a lot of them did not act very quickly. As a matter of fact, some of them didn’t believe it at first. They were like, “No, this is a Russia hoax, Russia collusion”, and were very afraid, which was great from a disinformation campaign of what was done to them in the past. Of course, that would be their reaction because they were fearing another fake situation, and so they did not want to participate, and I was like, “Just hear me out and listen to these people who are working so hard in Italy to get us this information.” And I remember Rudy (Giuliani) turning to me in the Georgia capital and he had just been up and testified, and he came down to the ground floor and he looked at me and he said, “None of this is working. Go get the drive.” And I thought, “Well, funny that you’re like now leaving it all up to me because the courts didn’t work, the legislatures didn’t work, and now you’re thinking, “Okay, Maria’s got to do it and get Italy.” Well, I would say that there is still a multipronged approach because the United States Constitution leaves it up to the states, and they should be suing for their right, based on this information, for their right to recall everything back. So, I think that the 10th Amendment is clear, and other pieces that give them extraordinary right, and they should reclaim those rights, but this by far, when America wakes up to this reality that it was an extraordinary theft of America, it wasn’t just the election, it was the ideals and principles and Constitution we all cherish. So this theft can’t be tolerated and immediately they must vacate the White House and hand over the control back to the rightful winner.

We are not a partisan organization. If the chips fell where they may and it was Joe Biden who was the victor, we would be saying the same thing. It is not partisan. Our organization is about truth and transparency, and immediately, the United States government owes it to America to open up all records on Stefano Serafini and his time at the embassy, and those that worked at the embassy with him, and who witnessed what took place, and all of the transcripts, phone intercepts, photographs and video footage from the Rome embassy should be made public to America immediately. Same on the Italian side, the Italian population should act immediately, the families should rise up out of this… and Americans, they love our country. A lot of these people are risking their lives helping us at Nations in Action to tell the truth, they are on the run and a lot of people don’t realize that. They’re risking their lives with a major defense contractor and a government of henchmen who are after them to keep them quiet from helping, you know, to tell the truth to the world. So as Italians, they are sitting here faced with the same situation, that they have intel from their intel community, intercept phones, video footage, photographs, all of it. And they know the truth. And they will be able to let the entire Italian population know what their leaders did to betray them.

JWB: You sound confident that this is going to have a good outcome.

MZ: I am confident.

JBW: What do they have to lose? What does Leonardo have to lose?

MZ: Well, Leonardo, they should be stripped of all contracts immediately. There should be a seizure of all their assets, and the Italian people, who own a portion, will wake up to a reality that they lost a heck of a lot in an 11-billion-dollar company, and the US assets of Leonardo should never be allowed to go public, as they are trying to do with one of their entities.

JBW: Do you feel that this may, in any way …we can’t get the products that Leonardo makes somewhere else? In other words, who’s going to feel the pain?

MZ: Well, I think American defense contractors will be ecstatic that foreign entities will no longer have the rights to our most sensitive information, and they’ll be up for more contracts, as it should be. It should be United States-based contractors.

JWB: If you were going to give somebody a crash course in critical thinking, how would you start with that?

MZ: You know, it’s really imperative that the American public understands their voice and their skillset. You know, talking to neighbors, talking in church, helping educate people, but most importantly, we’re a representative government, and a lot of people don’t appreciate and understand that. We’re not a democracy. You need to go grab your elected official by the fine hairs on the back of their neck, and make sure they listen to you and understand what their power is so constitutionally as a state legislature, all the way up to Congress, and the immediate actions of elected officials who have oversight over law enforcement and the judiciary. So, you ‘ve got these very unique opportunities by people who think they don’t matter, but actually they don’t understand. The power is actually with the people. That is exactly what our Founders framed for us, this beautiful gift. And when you bring that to their attention in the right way, and if you went door to door in their neighborhood, that they suddenly awaken to the reality that there’s a campaign against them because they failed to act, they failed to ask the questions, they failed to do the interrogations and investigation, they failed to read every affidavit before they claimed there was no problem. That is exactly what the problem is. And to believe the naysayers, you know, I welcome anyone to come to Nations In Action and take me on about this. Show me what research you did on Italy, show me why this isn’t true. Because anyone who is saying this isn’t true, tells me they are the corrupt ones. They are being paid by the bad guys. There is a machine and people know it. It was a concerted effort to take God out of schools, God away from the sports field, and to move this government into controlling the people, and so by the people regaining that truth through their elected officials, is something that they know deep down they hold those keys because they do it every election, but now the election turned, and this is what happened in Georgia… people said, “Why should I show up and vote?” Well you should show up and vote. You should be working in your poll and doing your civic responsibility. You show up at your legislator’s office, their place of work, and you make it known to them what you will and will not tolerate. You bombard them with phone calls, because anything less, you are not a good American. At a moment like this, where we have had America stolen by foreign government, that is unacceptable and everybody knows it, and then they say, “Tell me what to do?” That is it. You grab those elected officials, and you don’t let go. Until they do exactly what they can do, and there is a laundry list of things. At, we’re going to be putting suggestions up for everybody on how to get those elected officials to move in the right direction, and to not tolerate at all a foreign entity stealing America.

JBW: Are we in a waiting position now, or is something else about to spring out there that will raise some pulses?

MZ: They have everything to lose. So as they see their hopes of foreign governments controlling our country, they’re going to tighten their grip, and China is really having to make some really deep gut wrenching decisions of do they fire first? And they are on our border. They have ships nearby. There is a huge, massive problem when a foreign government like Canada allows China to come in and sit on the United States border. We’ve already been infiltrated. This is a cybercrime, and we must say no violence is acceptable. We do not want violence, but we want you to bombard the elected officials to ensure violence doesn’t happen, and that our United States military steps up and blocks and barricades the Chinese from invading us on the Canadian border. We believe that an immediate response must be ready to deal with China from a cyber perspective. And Iran, we are all familiar with Iran’s involvement in this, and certainly the Iranian money… but I can tell you, we are not done, and we have just begun, honestly.

Everybody deserves to know how many politicians are on the payroll of China.

(To Be Continued -)

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