Italy’s Involvement in our Election: The Takedown of America – Part 4

JWB: …How long has this been going on, and do we have any idea what other important elections, not only in this country but around the world, that have been compromised by vote manipulation because the voting machines were plugged into the internet?

MZ: ….People need to be thinking about why your government up there in Canada would allow the Chinese to come in and come along our border in the United States. Americans, sadly, are being kept from a lot of the news that this even has happened, and it would shock them as we tell people the news, because there’s a lot of international affairs that unfortunately do not get reported in our very mainstream television stations here…

President Trump is right. Our jobs have fled America and it is time to stand up for those jobs and for transparency and truth about those funding deals that took place in other administrations.

JBW: Maria, as you see this … is this like a tiered system of domination, like we’ve got the megalomaniacs who have so much money, they don’t have time to do anything except think of perverse things to do to the entire population of the world, you know, and then you have the people who are actually just trying to make a buck off of these megalomaniacs by subjugating the people that are on the third tier there. Is that what this comes down to? Is money the prime mover behind all of this? Did China just bribe their way into this massive infiltration of everything we have? Or, is the bigger component a shift in ideology among cooperating parties here in the west?

MZ: I don’t believe that it’s a shift in priorities. I think when you get down to especially who America is, and you look at some of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc, they want to be what America used to be. That’s what they say, which is really sad for Americans to hear that, that we’ve gone so far away from those great principles and ideals that others wanted to become with the fall of the former Soviet Union. So, I think when you look at what Americans want and what, I think, just in general, families want, and this is why we created Nations In Action. It’s just for this purpose, to be that voice. People want to be able to have faith. In China you cannot just go have faith and teach your kids and give them their sacrament if they’re Catholic, and participate in church services and have bibles. People want to raise their kids how they want. They want that freedom. They want liberty. They want to be able to have a job and decide what is best for their children, and how to teach their children. That global domination movement by China and how they plan 500 years out…when you look back retrospectively about what happened in 2020 with the coronavirus tied with the election scam, and the way markets were played out, and the movements of troops, it doesn’t take a political scientist or a rocket scientist, anyone who, with common sense, would look at that layout and the timing and say, “Oh my gosh! They have us. They worked this brilliant plan. They hired the republican lobbyists over at Leonardo, and they put in play Leonardo to get all these government contracts to actually help fund the stealing of the election, the cyberwar crime that took place in Italy, and they actually embedded the people in the right places, and simultaneously they were really brilliant about coming in on the republican side and hiring Tea Party and GOP activists, with this Soros machine of organization…so this perfect storm of China with the far left crazy guys that want to steal all the great ideas of America, they coordinated these efforts, and it is wrong. It is totally against what Americans, the families, want.

JBW: Well, like the old song goes, “How long has this been going on?” How far back can we estimate that this manipulation over the internet has actually been going on using not necessarily the same brand of voting machines, but any kind of voting machine? Does this go back to the Obama thing and the Diebold machines, or what?

MZ: Actually, I think it’s brilliant, John, what they did. They came in and they got involved in all the voting machine companies. So, every election that has been taking place, people need to look back far longer than just the Dominion machines and what took place. So, I believe a full audit should be conducted, and investigation into the employees. This is a national security issue, not just a state elections official or secretary of state personnel. This is far more serious because it’s an act of war on America, and that difference puts it into a national security lane, and far beyond just an FBI investigation, or a state like Georgia, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Sadly, we haven’t even seen what should’ve occurred in the states at that level of investigation. As a matter of fact, we’ve had elected officials that many believe are compromised alone on their own, for their bad behavior, so they’re being more timid about going after things because their biggest donors and supporters have been leaning on them to not – because they wanted a different candidate for president. Those days have to stop, and that transparency has to be put in place as to what legislators are being paid by those that are trying to alter the outcome of an election, and that plays into it, but what’s interesting in that you asked me that question? Somebody reached out to us recently that gave us information about Janet Napolitano’s race in Arizona back in 2006, and that for America was early, if it is true that the election changes started back then, if not prior, … but I’ve talked with other researchers globally and they have confirmed extensive use of the machines in foreign countries, including Venezuela and Ecuador. So, as long as computers are around, people know how to cheat and, sadly, I believe it’s been going on for more than two decades.

JBW: Bring us up to speed on these things when Leonardo got raided over bribes and a Google company was also investigated. That was from the 12th of January.

MZ: Yes. Leonardo got raided by the Finanza Guardia, so not only did the government collapse over this whole mess, now you have Finanza Guardia coming in and finding corruption and fraud within Leonardo. It is our hope that they have obtained other documentation that validates this. We know that Leonardo has it and we know that Arturo D’Elia, who was their top IT specialist, was also arrested when we first put out news that we knew this occurred. When that news article hit, they arrested two people and tried to claim that they were “hackers”, that they had hacked three years prior. Their story was so inconsistent, the judge knew something was wrong as did the prosecutor. So, people are scrambling in Italy because Arturo D’Elia got arrested for something he didn’t do, when here he is willing to cooperate and was willing to tell the story, and now he’s been moved to a location nobody knows. And then, you also have the satellites with the digital footprint that the military, our US military, has their DOD, the embassies communication systems, as well as national security on these foreign companies’ servers. This is stunning to me as an American, and an IT owner, I just can’t even fathom why we allow foreign countries that dominate (as well as the companies themselves) our military assets, and the fact that we gave them so much money last year alone, the military of the United States should immediately go in and look at the digital footprint and how the packets were separated on the nights of November 3rd and 4th, and the data spikes, because it’s there. You always leave a digital footprint. And satellites work quite simply just like digital TV. Yes, you can view television through a satellite right to your TV. So, those kinds of proofs, documentations, and actions should take place. Leonardo’s meetings with their president, meeting with Graciano, the CIA, MI6, and Arturo D’Elia are all proof points; Renzi calls from Biden and Obama are proof points; Conte with his 8 million dollars sitting in a California bank are proof; Obama with his 400 million that he took from the Iranian deal and the 14 pallets that flew through Italy over to the UAE, and they had a deal and took those 14 pallets to the Bank of Geneva in Geneva, of Merrill Lynch, for Barack Obama to use as play money to go take down President Trump and his administration. Then, you have the CIA with this bald guy and this other guy with brown hair, which we’ve seen the released photos that obviously came from an intelligence photograph, and we have Mike Pompeo, who’s gone over there, who has a whole lot of explaining to do because this happened on his watch in his embassy. And then, you have General Graciano and we actually have the cellphone numbers of the satellite cellphone when the Go Order happened from Stefano Serafini. So, there is no excuse for anyone not to do an investigation.

JWB: Maria, why did you get into this to begin with? You were busy with your software development company, then this 2020 election occurred, but I take it you’ve been into this for much longer than that? I mean, what was the “Road to Damascus” moment, so to speak? Not really, but you know what I mean.

MZ: Yes. Well, I’ve been involved all my life in government and politics. I got it genetically from my 6th great grandfather, who penned the Declaration of Independence…

JBW: Got it. It’s in your blood…

MZ: Yeah, we love America. We love what we stand for. We want to lift people up. We are people of faith. My faith is very important to me, and when I see families struggle and worse, my extensive experience in government affairs also gives me the background of seeing how our budgets are created and how laws are passed, how the corruption takes place, how the leverage works in all the capitols and city council meetings, and honestly, I’ve been so disgusted with where everything has been going out of control, and more and more families suffer with money that is recklessly taken from them to fund a very corrupt system, and I can walk into any state budget and show you things that would disgust you. Also, down to the city and county level… and that lack of transparency, like on property tax, is outrageous. People never get to own their homes. So, really, Nations In Action was focused on, yes, we need clean, free and fair elections, but also looking at how we can lift families out of poverty, how we can eliminate that property tax, how we can let people own their homes, decide if a parent stays home to raise their children, and not be subjected necessarily to public school systems that are teaching their kids things that do not match with their values and virtues. And, that way you can help recreate faith in America, lift up the faith organizations, and stop the ACLU from doing what they’ve done to cause harm and take prayer out of school, and let families actually enjoy the freedoms of liberty that God really has ordained for America to be the beacon and bastion of hope for other nations, and that’s what Nations In Action stands for.

JBW: That’s actually quite wonderful. It really is. The only thing that’s disturbing to me really is that, yes, these individual crimes have been discovered and that was no mean feat whatsoever, but I’m just wondering, what is the big umbrella, other than just to say, “Well, global enslavement of every human being on the planet.” I mean, short of that, when you have defense companies, high tech companies, the biggest-tech-there-is companies out there, along with politicians, and communist Chinese, and a Wuhan lab that…I mean, somebody said, early into the pandemic, “Well, CIA visited the Wuhan lab.” Why would CIA visit the Wuhan lab? … What is the biggest agenda, and this is a theory, I mean, are we talking about, “Well, we’ve got to get the planet ready for an extraterrestrial invasion,” or “No, it’s just a simple matter of wanting all the money,” or what is the big plan here, Maria?

MZ: Well, the more you look at China and their desire to dominate in manufacturing, control of agendas; you look at other organizations who have that global world order view, you look at the United Nations and their actions. It’s been very problematic as it has been just boiling up to this moment in time where many people saw it as an opportunity to take America down because we were holding up the other nations from falling; and if you take America down, you win the world. That is what China recognizes and has worked as a plan, quite masterfully, for some time to undercut all of the corporations in America in building, construction, all the way to the pharmaceutical industry. There’s just frightening things that took place from an economic standpoint. And yet, our Chambers of Commerce didn’t step up in the right way from a political policy perspective when they could have. And now, when you’re seeing this movement with software companies that are building these social media platforms, stopping freedom of speech and coordinating with the leftist agenda and the communist agenda to control speech, we have gone way too far, way too fast. So, you’re seeing a boomerang come back, and America will not tolerate this. So, it’s a wakeup time for Americans that these plans were in play. I think in a safe community, people have really been disturbed by the persecution of Christians and Jews, as well as the Uyghur Muslims, and what we’re seeing in Africa, as well as in China, and the encampments. It’s absolutely frightening and unconscionable, and we should not stand for it.

JW: I hope you will come back and contribute more of what you know, because it is a vast quantum of information. Thank you so much for coming on.

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