Italy’s Involvement in our Elections: The Takedown of America – Part 3

MZ: I think Americans and people abroad are scratching their heads at what happened because it was illogical in so many ways and there are so many examples of fraud that occurred, even within the polling locations in each state. So, America is awake. They’re angry. They’re figuring out some things are not right, but they do not understand why people are not telling the truth; but they are not being fooled, and I think that they are actually digging in more and we’re seeing that at People are writing in regularly to say, “What’s going on? We want an update, like what else is happening?” This is a live operation, so it’s not that I can cover everything right now because it is still ongoing, as we have been accumulating more and more information. What occurred is quite simply the planning, plotting, and execution of the theft of the election which happened partially in Italy. The person who was involved was Stefano Serafini from the US Embassy in Rome… they were actually planning with General Graziano, who is the EU Commander, and Leonardo, a defense contractor, who is very large, like a Lockheed Martin-type company, and they planned this across the street from the embassy in a hotel, they actually had one of the top guys from Leonardo…and even the actual guy’s name (at Leonardo), who did the data upload to the satellite. We know Italy did it. We know Italy committed a major crime. Italy did an act of war against America.

JWB: Does this have anything to do with the Italian government effectively collapsing? What was it, last week?

MZ: Yes, it all intertwines…and we are very excited about seeing (Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe) Conte go down and we’re very excited about people having the spotlight on Matteo Renzi (former PM and leader of party Italia Viva, a centrist), who pulled his support from Giuseppe Conte; and we want them both basically arrested and in prison for what they did.

JBW: Did Conte quit and then come back and try to form a new government, and does that even matter anymore?

MZ: Well, it does matter because it validates everything we’ve been saying from the onset. We knew Conte needed to come clean. We knew Renzi was pulling his support from him. They are having a breakup. They are trying to push Conte back to being an economics professor and get out of the way to let a more leftist pro-China movement take over, and that’s what we are trying to stop. America has to stand up to Italy and say, “Get their government clean. Come clean.” Tell us how you coordinated all the efforts with Leonardo, who, by the way, as their defense contractor, foreign defense contractor, had US contracts totaling over a billion dollars with lobbyists that were super-close to President Trump, and a lot of people don’t realize that was actually part of the orchestrated plan to cover up this whole crime, and what’s even more fascinating is that the Italian people actually own 34% approximately of Leonardo. Leonardo used to be called Finmeccanica. They had to change their name because they’ve already gotten caught before in corruption, so this pattern continues. Italy is fearful of this coming out because they are the largest industrial jobs creator. In the country of 60 million people, they hire over 100,000 people, so it will be devastating if they ever did come clean, so we have to find a way to make them feel worse pain in order for them to come clean, because they have to wake up that everything is on the edge for the world, not just for America. This is not America’s problem. This is Italy and the world’s problem when you take down America.

JBW: Now listen, I’m a little slow in regard to this personnel change or potential change up there. Now is Conte a good guy or not a good guy? Do we want him to go back in and set up a new government or not?

MZ: No sir! He was complicit. He was a puppet for Renzi and for Barack Obama, who was coordinating with Renzi, and they had plotted and planned, and he did his job, and Joe Biden called Renzi and told him that he would give them back their base of Sigonella, our US Naval base, and that they needed to replace Conte with someone far more left. The American news media needs to do their job and ask Joe Biden why he made that call.

JBW: Replace Conte with someone much more left… But then who is it that’s wanting to get him out of the way and send him back to school, send him back to teaching, or whatever? Who is wanting him to do that?

MZ: Barack Obama.

JBW: Really?

MZ: Yes, sir.

JBW: It begs the question – Who’s got that kind of pull to even suggest things like that? I’m pretty sure the Italians didn’t come up with it on their own, so there’s the answer: Barack Obama. Right there two miles up the street from the White House.

MZ: And a whole lot of money.

JBW: So, if somebody far more left does take over in Italy, what then? Or is everything in limbo now? Has any kind of a decision been made? I’m looking. I don’t see anything.

MZ: It has not been made, and they’re having great difficulty finding enough people to coalesce behind the corruption side, which is fantastic. More people… honestly, I think it’s kind of this wave that Donald Trump did, that coming out and having the courage to tell the truth, well they have some of those leaders that are now inspired by Donald Trump that are saying, “Hold on a second. You know this isn’t right. We should believe in our country, we should speak out and have that courage. And so, you’re seeing this new uprising of politicians that want to do what is right, fair, and transparent. So, this struggle can happen for a few more weeks, and then we’ll see if a coalition government comes together, which we believe will happen, but I don’t believe the far left will win at this stage.

JBW: You know, it doesn’t surprise me that the Italian people are saying, “… it’s okay, we have a little wiggle room on something like this, but when it comes down to treason, and we’ve got people that we know of that are committing treason, that can be charged with treason, we can’t be a part of this.” They’re really pretty amazing as a group. Of course, it’s really easy to generalize about people, but they’re strong on loyalty. I mean, they’re known for it. You know, from the family level, that’s where it starts, on up through their friends and their in-laws and their neighborhoods, their cities, and everything else. They’re strong on that, so I can imagine there’s a pretty nationalistic spark…”

MZ: There is, absolutely. Well, there’s a love of America because they remember what we did to save them in World War II, so you’re talking about an older population, 60 million, and they are really still very grateful. People in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s, they’re grateful because they remember from their parents fighting, their grandparents fighting in World War II, and what Germany did to them. So, they still have a disdain for Germany, and they need to understand Germany and China are in bed together. Germany was also complicit in this entire vote election fraud with the server farm that was in Frankfurt, so it all interconnects back to China, and that is what is dangerous and, you know, as far as I’m concerned, if they voted in a far left government into Italy in three weeks, they might as well all start learning to speak Chinese because they will be taken over, very quickly.

JBW: So, here’s a real simplistic question: Why would any voting machine whatsoever at any voting precinct location anywhere be hooked up to the internet, for any reason, ever?

MZ: They should not be, ever. And that’s why there has to be a complete reform of the voting systems across the world. This is not just America… it’s happened in other countries and we know it did, and we know why it did. So, now that everybody’s aware, I personally would like to see the military be brought in and law enforcement brought in to actually help conduct the proceedings, and let the military be poll workers and poll watchers. Let law enforcement come in. You want to see people in the inner city change instantly in how they conduct their elections? That would do it. You match them up, and you don’t let them get by with a single infraction, because each of those affidavits that were created by many of the volunteers at Nations In Action, our team has been intricately involved across the nation, and they saw the machines actually light up and be connected to the internet. So, those are all infractions, and the violations of the law and the code were so numerous, and yet, nothing has happened. So, to your point about the investigation, yes, every state should be doing a massive investigation and from an IT expertise perspective, they need to step up their game. This is not amateur hour. We know what the allegations are, but now we have so much proof. The great work that Dennis Montgomery and Mary Fanning and others have done is now playing out, so this is far from over. As a matter of fact, I believe, John, you’re going to see within the next month the tides just turning and people realizing that Joe Biden not only knew, he was complicit in this. He was participating in this in an effort to steal the election, and I look forward to the day that America rises up and actually stops this charade, because he is nobody’s president.

(To be continued)

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