Italy’s Involvement in our Elections – The Takedown of America

Intro: On a recent Caravan To Midnight show, host John B. Wells (JBW) welcomed Maria Zack (MZ) as his guest. As the CEO for Quantum Solutions Software and founder of Nations in Action, Maria has been investigating the recent election integrity issues of the United States and how Italy plays a leading role in this. The following information transcribed from this interview will be shared with you in 4 parts:


  • PART 1 


JBW: As far as the Italians are concerned, who is in the cast of the computing conspirators? And How does Leonardo S.p.A. feature into all of this, because … the Italians have been interestingly quiet. How did they get in the loop to begin with, Maria, why do the Italians feature in our election at all?


MZ: Great question, John. Basically, Italy has it all for the Mediterranean and very important for naval operations and their geographical location, but also a gateway into Europe on the communication side with major communication cables running under water to Genoa that will be deployed in early summer. So there’s many things that China wants out of Italy and ironically, back when Barack Obama was president, his last state dinner was with Matteo Renzi, the prime minister of Italy, and when Renzi returned back to Italy, he took with him Barack Obama’s campaign guy to go orchestrate this effort across Italy to help them with Italian races, and they actually have told us now, some of the intel folks who came to us to provide this information, they said the beta test in Italy was in 2018 to help the 5 star pro-China party go overnight from 1% to 34%, shocking everyone and changing Parliament. That was the infant test for them moving into the next step, and we were told they used a government employee, a United States government employee in the United States embassy via another location, second floor, Stefano Serafini. And Serafini orchestrated this with General Claudio Graciano, and they would walk across the street over to the Saint Regis and plot this takeover. Serafini started planning it in early spring and formulated this plan with Graciano and Leonardo. Leonardo used to be known by the name Finmeccanica until they got in trouble for something else, and they’ve had corruption issues there before, and Graciano was on the board of Finmeccanica, and what people don’t realize is this is an Italian defense contractor, with over 30% to 34% owned by the Italian public, the people.


… Also, this is an act of war that they did. They went and used their defense contractor, foreign interference, to go take over our election and how they did it was when General Graciano received the call on his military satellite phone, that enacted the play over at the lead location, in Pesaro, where they had staff literally take the military-grade software and upload it on their military satellite, and those uploads had spikes from November 3rd to the 4th. So, we know for a fact where it happened, how it happened, who called in the order, and right down to the guy, Arturo D’Elia, who conducted the upload of the actual software. And you might ask, where is Arturo now? Arturo got sentenced, or pushed into jail, arrested, for “hacking”, once we, at Nations in Action, started pushing information out to Italian journalists to tell them the truth … as it was unfolding. We put out information, and immediately the Italian government and Leonardo reacted with a sledgehammer. Anything we do, they double down. And they’re in crisis management mode, and they should be, because what they did was wrong and they need to come clean.


And the people, when you ask, John, who was involved, it was at the highest level. It was Matteo Renzi with Giuseppe Conte, the current prime minister, who has orchestrated it… And we were receiving information that Joe Biden was in talks with (inaudible) Renzi, and that is an important fact your listeners need to know about.


JWB: How did you originally get on to … the Italian trail? What got them in your crosshairs?


MZ: We were contacted, as we often are, by people who are doing research and have the intelligence, and that’s exactly what happened in this situation. We were contacted around November 18th, and immediately upon receiving the information, we started to to buckle down and delve in, because it was so actionable and it was happening in real time as a live operation, and we’re still in the middle of it today, as more and more information keeps coming to us, so there’s a plethora of data and facts that validate that this is a very real story, it’s a very true story… President Trump’s team absolutely have now all tweeted about Italy and included it in their messaging because they now have seen the affidavits. I supplied the affidavits to Congress and to the White House, and to different government entities, because the world needs to know exactly what happened.


JWB: I think it’s a safe bet that Barack Obama has been orchestrating this whole assault on President Trump, parked 2 miles up from the White House, in his 8,000+ square foot Le Maison Grande, and I think he’s been running this thing the whole time. Who do we think… ?


MZ: It’s not what I think, it’s what I can tell you that they know in Italy. They actually have facts relevant to Barack Obama and his involvement with Matteo Renzi, and the level of fact is so in depth about the conversations, the movement of money, and how the orchestration started since 2016, and don’t forget that a lot of the Russian collusion accusations and that came out of Italy… and so that information came to us that, you know, the John Durham investigation is still going…So there’s a lot of players … and it was a masterful plan, to your point, very masterful, and very well-funded. And people need to investigate that funding because we’ve received information on that. But what was very interesting to me was Leonardo comes into play that they used this major 11-billion-dollar military defense contractor who had United States contracts totaling over a billion dollars in the past year, and the assets that they controlled were the communication systems of the national security and the military and our embassy. What planet are we on in America that we would let a foreign business own and control our communications, our most sensitive communications in military command?


JBW: … All this research, all this research that you’ve done, you’ve been contracted to do this research, you’ve come up with these amazing results… the question that you just asked, “What planet are we living on to allow this?” is a really good one, but it’s almost like, “What dimension are we in?” because it seems that no matter what is uncovered, and no matter what is revealed to the public, somehow nothing happens. Nobody is called to account, or do we think that is still in the offing? Because if we find out this stuff and nobody will do anything about it, no matter how high the office is, we’re standing there going, “What is this? The office of Circumlocution out of Dickens or what?”


MZ: Well, America knows the truth, there is no doubt in my mind, John, and the world knows the truth. There is no way Joe Biden ever won that election, and Joe Biden knows he didn’t win the election, and Nancy Pelosi knows so much that he didn’t win the election, that she is doing this impeachment façade because she knows Donald Trump is still president. So, right now there is no reason ever to impeach someone who is not currently president. They know he is president. That is why they have to go impeach him, because it’s their only way to block him again, and it’s every chance they have, and America is smarter than that, and I don’t think they’re going to tolerate it, and I can tell you Nations In Action is not God. We are working very hard and we are coming to a very interesting place where the inertia is moving from Italy. The press knows. Members of Parliament know. People know that Arturo D’Elia is out there. They know that we sent in an attorney, one of the top constitutional jurists in Italy, we’ve hired him to go review the deposition by Arturo D’Elia and the judge’s action, and have submitted that affidavit to Congress, and we also have another affidavit that was submitted that has incredible information on the actual investigation. This buildup is just the beginning. If your listeners are saying “Why have I not heard about this?”, well, we have been going, going, going. Mainstream TV is not going to tell you this because there is a concerted effort to keep this at bay, and they do not like President Trump, that’s not a new news story there, and to control the narrative, they have to shut down stories such as this, and they’ll say, “Well, show us the proof”. Well, there is no way I would have the amount of information I have, and there is no way I can tell you who Joe Biden called, I would not be privy to that, so how is it that I know he called Renzi? How is it I know he told Renzi he would give away our military base, our NAS Signorelli? That is astonishing that he did that prior to being inaugurated fakely, and you know, people say “Oh, he’s not my president.” Well, that is inaccurate. He’s nobody’s president. He didn’t win. So for anyone to say, “He’s not my president”, that’s not even an accurate statement, because he’s nobody’s president. And he knows it.


So the American public, I believe, will rise up, and I believe the Italian people will rise up, and what you are seeing right now is their government collapse. As we started to put more and more pressure on Italy, and drop more articles about it, you saw the raid by the Finanza Guardia into Leonardo. They are investigating them for corruption and fraud, and then you saw what we knew was coming, was the downfall of their government, and you are watching the prime minister be ousted as we speak.


JBW: Well, the only thing is, now according to this thing now from Bloomberg, it says Conte is going to resign tomorrow morning to avoid a damaging defeat in the Senate and maneuver to return to the head of a new government. He will preside over a cabinet meeting at 9 a.m. in Roma and then head to President Sergio Matarella’s office to formally step down, according to a government statement. The idea is that by preemptively offering his resignation to Matarella, who oversees the formation of ruling coalitions, Conte will then be asked to take another shot at putting together a government, according to officials who asked not to be named discussing confidential deliberations. So what about that? Is that a fly in the ointment, or more chaff, or just another article?


MZ: I think they are trying their darndest to keep the narrative and keep the appearance that he is going to survive this. He is not going to survive it. I am determined to make sure that everyone in Italy knows what happened and the corruption in their government. That is an act of war, what Renzi and Conte did. And shame on them, shame on them because the Italians, my family in Italy, does not deserve that leadership, just like we do not deserve the leadership here in America that my 6th great grandfather fought and bled for, for this country, and people will stand up, and this is time you can feel it, it’s palpable. America is angry. Everywhere you go, you go to the hairdressers, you go to the grocery store, you hear it from people. They’re angry. And they’re angry ‘cause they know the truth. And I tell you, God has had such a huge hand in this, and God is bigger than all of us, and if people think they’re bigger than God, they’ve got another thing coming ‘cause God’s got his eye on this and we have been a nation ordained under God, and that is what people are forgetting. This is far from over.


…When foreign governments collaborate with other foreign governments to cause harm, and place Chinese troops on the border of the United States, there’s a huge problem in the world. And so that movement of Chinese boats and military ships, aircraft and troops, is a huge problem for America right now, and they orchestrated this to help them have a puppet in the White House.


~ To be continued 

  2 comments for “Italy’s Involvement in our Elections – The Takedown of America

  1. Earl Manley
    February 6, 2021 at 9:57 am

    Damn ! We have heard next to nothing about this in the United States of America , why ?
    Only through serious digging did I hear about the Leonardo incident , right after the election in November. All is quiet on the M.S.M. wonder why ?
    They Know ! This is fascinating news yet America is kept in the dark .
    We were all treated to the Capitol riots on TV . That’s right , riots not insurrection. They were warned well in advance of the riots by the FBI yet nothing was done . The Capitol Police were warned , the Washington Police were warned , yet it was ‘ allowed to happen , why ? Optics ! Nancy wanted it to happen ! It gave her and her kind an excuse to call in 26,000 National Guard troops to lock down Washington DC ….. to protect them from who exactly ?
    There is so much more to say about that but , back to Italy and Gallalao . On election night we watched as Trump was leading Biden by a very comfortable amount Then All Voting Stopped ! When it came back up , Biden got a ‘ huge spike ‘ . Biden’s loss became a Huge Lead , not by a believable ammount but by many Millions .
    The fix was in and most people know it but ‘ are not allowed to speak about it ‘ . The MSM , the internet gods of Facebook , Twitter , Google , You Tube , etc . Censor and kick you off if you so much as question ‘ The Fix ‘ . The Biden administration has now ordered the banks to act as intelligence agencies ( true ) . His new cabinet picks are now going after everyday American citizens similar to Socialist/Marxist countries around the world . Anyone who voted for or even supported Trump is now a suspect .
    America is in the beginning stages of The Purge.

    • generalpatriot2021
      February 6, 2021 at 1:35 pm

      Hi and thanks so much for your input! You are absolutely correct, we’ve been shielded here in America from this information for obvious nefarious reasons. A true fact is that if you want to know what’s happening in America, source your information from foreign news…

      What impressed me so much in this interview was Maria is actually naming names. She’s pointing fingers, she’s calling these people out, and in the end, China is still behind everything. God bless Maria Zack and her work! (Also, stay tuned. Part 2 for this article should be out today! More jaw-dropping info! )

      Thanks again so much for commenting! 😀

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