January 6th (2021) As Seen By The Chief of The US Capitol Police

Steven A. Sund, Former Chief of Police, United States Capitol Police, sent a detailed letter to Nancy Pelosi 

on February 1st 2021, which depicts his direct observations and actions.

Unfortunately, a detailed description of the attackers, beyond being professionally organized, was not presented in this letter. He did imply, however, that they were obviously not Trump supporters. The fact that this group had the look and tactics of Antifa, as can be seen by comparing the enormous volume of video from Portland, Oregon, was not well documented.

Videos are circulating of busses filled with Antifa terrorists being given a police escort by the DC City Police upon their arrival to the Capital Area.
I don’t believe US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund knew of this escort given to Antifa.  

The fact that the Chief says the interagency threat assessments mentioned no increased threat level from what was presented on the previous two post election MAGA protest rallies tells me he was unaware of the coordination of the DC police and Antifa.  This gives further credence to reports from Patriots, peaceful Patriots, of the questionable treatment they received from DC police on the days of January 5th, 6th and 7th.

To me, this further implicates Mayor Bowser and her private army, the DC Police Force, coordinating events in advance with Antifa.

Note that President Trump had suggested 10,000 National Guard troops be present, which was shot down by local officials.

Finally, this suggests that Pelosi and others knew of the plans and had instructed the Sergeants at Arms of both halls to not increase security.

In other words, this Antifa attack was 100% pre-planned by the Democrats as a way to label the good guys (We the People) as terrorists, as well as a pathetic excuse to try and impeach President Trump.

Democrats are nothing more than ‘new age’ communists as seen in countless countries over the years in many coups, also known as Color Revolutions.

As Rham Emanual once famously said, “Don’t ever let a crisis go to waste”.  In this case the Democrats fabricated a crisis to further their aims of a coup on the government of the United States of America.



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