Joe Biden: “Our campaign has the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud strategy in history.”

This is not just a statement made by a doddering old man who said the quiet part out loud. This should have been a lesson to us. This is and has been the strategy of the left for years. We don’t agree on policy but we should study the strategy to move an agenda forward that the left has employed and use it against them. They can’t win in policy, however, they are winning on strategy. 


We all have ideas, some good, some great, some not so good. The left, however, devised a concept for winning. They assembled the puzzle of winning many years ago and put into play a conceptualized agenda that included infiltration of every system and institution in our society. They weaved together a tapestry of ideas that sowed confusion, anxiety, division, anger and envy among other emotions, to keep us off balance while moving their agenda and amassing more power. They are unified, they rarely disagree with each other, and they consider them to be “comrades.” We don’t do this and this is why they are winning. 


No single idea will defeat the left. No matter how well thought out or effective, a single idea has no chance against the mountain of strategies planned and previously proven successful in revolutions for over a century. In order to defeat this enemy, we must employ a set of ideas that are woven together to take down the influence in each of the systems that have been commandeered by the left. 


You will see on one of our websites that there are four primary strategies. 1. Recruit 2. Florida and Texas secession 3. Convention of States 4. Build a parallel economy. 


Options 2 and 3 have a number of strategic effects. We know the left will never give up power. They won’t give in one inch. They will never agree to allow states to secede. If two or more states make secession an issue that is too big to ignore, this consumes the left and takes them off balance from their agenda. Now, they must attend to fighting our agenda rather than deflecting us from their agenda. You can agree or disagree on the merits or constitutionality of secession but don’t miss the point. Distraction is the point.  The same can be said of the Convention of States, however this actually is, without dispute, constitutional and has the greatest chance of success. 


Option 4 takes us out of their economic sphere of influence. There are holes here that need to be filled but don’t get bogged down in the details. We bring any and all business into our marketplace where patriots can buy and work and patriot businesses will have a customer base eager to go the extra mile to do business with them. The gaps of data transfer, payment processing, and air travel will be covered in time. A move of many parts such as this doesn’t happen instantly. Be patient, we are decades behind the left in many areas. 


Option 1 is recruiting. It is number one for good reason. We need every Trumpocrat, MAGA, trumpist, Qtip, right winger, walkaway, America first patriot on board. We have methods for spreading the word and this should become a lifestyle choice. It will take all of us to win this battle, working together, leaving petty differences aside, and staying true to our agenda.  Always spreading the word of our existence, directing discussion toward our strategies, and away from things we have no power to change. 


The leftists/globalists have made it a full time job and employed their “useful idiots” to do the militant work for them. It is my plan to employ any who want to participate in the building of the parallel economy and make it profitable for all while working to take the agenda from the left. This is a concept that will work. I’m sure there are better concepts created by more intelligent people. If so, I haven’t seen them as of yet. Should Dan Bongino, General Flynn, Mark Levin, etc present a cohesive plan for the multitudes to follow, I will be the first to bring it to your attention and become an ardent advocate for that plan and abandon my own concept.


Until that happens, these are things that we can do that are not new or without merit. 


“A good plan executed today is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.” General George Patton


So let’s take what we have here and do something productive now.

  3 comments for “Joe Biden: “Our campaign has the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud strategy in history.”

  1. C
    January 30, 2021 at 11:09 am

    This really explains the secession rationale. Didn’t see what Texas and Florida had to do with my state. Makes great sense now!

    To your merit this is something simple all can do easily United. It is hard to sit idly by and “wait” for something we cannot see while Constitutional rights are disappearing by the day.

  2. Cha Dancer
    January 30, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    Starting a third party equals failure. But the Tea Party was more like an advocacy group getting their candidates elected that hindered congress from the their continued evil. The Tea Party already has a large following so you start with a good number.

  3. Joe Pappas
    February 1, 2021 at 9:51 am

    Conservatives need to back and use Conservative companies just like the Demoncrat/Commies do. From Social media, news, consumer products and services. If you can afford to move to conservative run states to build very conservative run economies. Hopefully Texas and Florida can do secession. The commie socialism ideology and economic society cannot survive. The dependent citizens on government will eventually starve and have to change to survive. Get away from supporting all the liberal run businesses you can with your dollars. Dollars count!

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