LA Church Helping the Homeless Refuses Help From Black Trump Supporter

“When the shit hits the fan and you find you’re sharing a foxhole with someone who would set aside his oath and values to survive, shoot them first.”- Drill Sergeant of a fellow DWUSA member.


I like this quote because it is the violent equivalent of “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Both quotes illustrate how Progressive ideology permeates the most conservative places in our society (come on now, butt waxing is pretty progressive, funny butt progressive. I’m listening to the “Continue the Mission” podcast and it is good. He mentioned butt waxing so I’m just using it as an example. Nothing personal but a good example to illustrate a point).

These quotes also illustrate exactly what had happened to Blaq Rosebudd, a black Trump supporter living in South LA, who does his best trying to get the people living in one of the worst ghettos in this country, to vote for Trump or become conservative or simply help them out with the money he gets from his YouTube channel.


On Feb, 26th, 2021, Blaq Rosebudd, aka Lonnel Harris, was giving money to people, as he does, (and this time it was giving $5 to say something funny or tell a joke). So, he noticed a Christian church helping out the homeless in the area that he was also helping and he offered to help the church on their mission. The church leadership literally told him no because he was a Trump supporter. Lonnel Harris may be considered controversial because he started BLM (Black Lives MAGA) but that is no excuse for denying a person the opportunity to help a less fortunate person.


Here is the video :


To Lonnel’s credit, he did not put the church on blast (but you can see one of the churches’ leaders loading up his fancy SUV at the end of the video).

Here is a link to buy Black Lives MAGA gear or AIN’T BLACK FOR BIDEN t-shirts. I’m posting a link just as evidence it exists. I am no way affiliated with this person. He seems cool though. It will make great gifts for all your dark skinned friends.


The behavior of this Christian church is exactly why both quotes are so dangerous. Both quotes are based on a Progressive subjective assessment of a situation. The church behaved on a subjective assessment that the media has given them.

What is that Progressive assessment that that church received from the media? That Trump supporters are all racist or white nationalists. That one particular church leader read “Trump 2020” on Lonnel’s button and assumed a black man is a white racist. How “Twilight Zone” can we get?

We have allowed our churches to preach Progressive ideology, that sees us defending “butt behavior” instead of calling out  “Progressives are racists!”. Be honest, would you ever say that progressives hate black people (even if they are black)? Probably not. You should but not until you learn more about why progressives hate blacks so much (it stems from progressives hating Christians).


Now, the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights is literally based on Christian principals (especially the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments). The founders of this country understood Jesus’ words pretty darn well. That is why it should be extremely difficult to prosecute any person in this country. We value due process but when our churches deny us due process, our society crumbles. We live in the greatest country in the history of mankind because our Christian principle allow for due process.


On the other hand, the Progressives have also created something great, evil but still great. They have created their own form of Christianity based on fame, self-glory and anything else that keeps us from helping one another out without any agenda. In other words, a type of self-indulgence that leads to self-destruction. Progressives do not allow due process because it allows people to get instant results or instant gratification or instant grits (come on now, you know some progressive invented instant grits).


Just for fun, take a look look at this year’s CPAC and ask yourself, how many times have those leaders taken a Progressive approach…it is fun to see it but kinda sad too.


What is the solution? READ THE BIBLE to understand how it applies to your life in these modern times without the “hedonistic lenses on”. Look at it, the Bible, through the lens of “an unwavering reluctance to become that which is repugnant to any honest man.” (quote from a DWUSA member.) If that fails, simply look to the two commandments that Jesus spoke. Do that and you’ll be fine, just like Lonnel.




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