Lament The Machine

Sunlight creeping
Through open windows
Wind chimes sing melodies
While cool breezes play in the trees
Laughter of children
Their footsteps echoing their joys
As they play games only they know
Beneath the old oak tree
And now I, as I look out my window
I remember the joys of my youth
Of ballet recitals, singing with friends
Of school days and holidays
Of family gatherings
And yet I wonder
With the fear this world is now encased
Will we ever be happy and carefree again
Or are we finally on that slow march
In to the machine
To be turned into gray lumps of clay
Each the same
All with a designated number
No more laughter
No more dancing in the rain
Now the whole world gets to be, like me
A bird in a gilded cage
Forced to sing for its supper
The only way for it to eat
The world will no longer hold rainbows
Only rain
For the world will lament the day
It allowed the machine to reign…
copyright 11/24/2020 by Jennifer Jennings Daves

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