Let’s Add Microsoft To That List

I am not a computer expert by any definition, but I do know my way around a PC fairly well. I grew up with computers. My first PC that was my very own was an Atari 400. I even had books that had programs in BASIC that I could input into my computer and run. None of them were very elaborate, but it was fun to learn.

As I got older, the draw of programming was taken over by other interests and my programming knowledge was shelved. I basically started to rely on pre-made programs for all my computing needs, like most everyone else. This has been especially true of my computer’s operating system. I am working on changing this, though.

I have recently made a huge switch. I no longer run a Windows PC. I have a Linux operating system. I am currently running Mint 20. It works just like Windows and has a similar setup. If you can work Windows, then this operating system shouldn’t be too hard to learn. Best of all, it’s totally free.

That’s right. Linux is free. This is because it is what is called open source software. This means that anyone who can program in Unix/Linux base language can add to or change the software. It is designed this way on purpose. However, this fact does not hinder its use-ability as an operating system.

I am mentioning all of this because we are in the midst of an all-out ideological war in America. Who owns one of the largest software companies in America? Bill Gates. Who is a huge proponent of vaccine passports, mass vaccinations, and world depopulation? Bill Gates. What is one of the single largest ways he has made his billions? His software company. Granted, these days Gates has branched away from just the software company, but this could also be his Achilles Heel. He still has investments in the Microsoft Corporation.

So, how does this affect you? If you switch over to using a free operation system and you also stop using Microsoft Cloud services to store your information, then the value of the company will start to go down. The more people who switch to Linux and dump Microsoft, the bigger the dent in the value of the company. This dent can cause stock prices to go down, thus, shrinking the value of the stock, the company itself, and how much those shares are worth to even Bill Gates.

This form of a move over/switch boycott could put the pinch on what Gates is able to do with the money he has. This may look like a lost cause, but it will only be that if no one makes the switch. Changing over to Linux is not that hard and if you have a mind to and can afford it, you can even go online and purchase a brand new laptop or even desktop with Linux pre-installed as the main operating system. Some systems will come just with Linux and others will have what is called a dual boot system where you can still have Windows, if you want.

I challenge everyone to at least look into switching over to Linux. I did months ago and I absolutely love running Linux. I have so much more control over my computer from when I update to what gets updated. Plus, I do not have to rely on a cloud service to store my files. This means that my files are so much more secure. Granted, Linux isn’t totally hack-proof, but there isn’t the backdoor spyware embedded in the programming like what you will find with Microsoft.

If you are a bit of the do-it-yourself-er, there are plenty of videos out there showing up how to set up a dual boot system on your own. If you are not sure if you really want to go with just Linux, you can start with a dual boot system. What this does is put both operating systems on your computer and when you first turn it on, you choose which operating system you wish to use.

I really hope that you will partake in this challenge and give Microsoft the boot. This company, along with the ones already being called to boycott, really do need a clear wakeup call when it comes to who the American people really are. Let’s show them by adding Microsoft to the boycotting list.

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  1. Nicole
    April 8, 2021 at 8:47 am

    I’ve noticed the free coding classes that started popping up in Facebook for children and read through terms agreements that seem as though they came directly from China that included a clause of protection for the teacher/tutor exemption from being prosecuted for directing a student in an assignment that is illegal in nature. It has shown up during the event time frames of large governmental entities hack occurrences that received attention in mainstream news reports of systems hacks. I was wondering what kind of instructional coding courses or books to try to learn this skill that would exceed what the current learning institutions, corporations, and government entities are willing to teach. I’m assuming that these entities will only be interested in educating their citizens only so far as to be employed by centrally controlling entities so as to prevent us from establishing/creating software or electronics that they wouldn’t be able to easily gain access to by having a higher level of electronics coding knowledge than they’re willing to teach. I was also wondering how closely examined this free during COVID pandemic coding classes have been scrutinized or examined. They even state they need basically total access to your electronic systems to taking screen shoots recordings both audio and video and to terminate your access for any reason at any time they deem it necessary and state that you are not allowed to screen shot or record anything having to do with their program and coding lessons whatsoever it was an extremely disturbing term and privacy agreement document, but I’m no programmer either so I don’t know what would be typically included in terms of this nature to avoid the theft of databases or softwares involved in teaching electronics systems coding knowledge.

    • April 8, 2021 at 10:01 am

      If those are the terms being presented, don’t just walk away, RUN! They are wanting to use you as a “mule” for their nefarious enterprises. This leaves you holding the bag in the even of being caught and they get away scott free because all of the evidence is on your system. One good place to start is godotengine.com. Another one is kidscancode.org. If any place you go gives you the terms you described, you need to just stay as far away as possible. You could also check for classes in your local community. I hope this helps you in your search. Good luck in learning to code!

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