Meanwhile, In Georgia

With just a few days left until the all-important runoff election, things have been happening on a daily basis in Georgia. There have been hearings, testimonies, rulings, smoking guns and bombshell evidence. The problem is that nobody knows about most of it. Mainstream media has largely ignored anything that may dissuade their viewing public from the ‘Biden Won’ narrative. What little you do see is almost always prefaced with Secretary of State Raffensperger assuring everyone that everything is just peachy keen. Within that echo chamber, the cries of millions of disenfranchised voters go unheard. The reasons for being disenfranchised also go unheard.

Trump lost, fair and square!

In fact, the Secretary of State is so concerned with assuring the public that President Trump lost in Georgia, that he is quite oblivious to the fact that people are upset over the false assurances that he lost fairly. If President Trump lost fair and square, as citizens of Georgia have been repeatedly assured, then why has every attempt to gain transparency been blocked? This fact is the single most concerning item in a growing list of concerning items brought to light thus far. Whistleblowers are maligned in the media, portrayed as far-right wing nuts with no credibility. The public has been assured that videos are not shown in the proper context, and don’t really, truly show you what you think you saw. In a time where Georgia is on a world stage with the opportunity to shine a spotlight on malfeasance, they choose instead to become a comedy of errors. The powers that be in Georgia don’t get it. It doesn’t matter so much who won the election, but did they win it fairly? So far, that does not appear to be the case. And so the unrest grows, day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute.


Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger

Thou shalt have Dominion

At the epicenter of the controversy are the Dominion voting machines and the Smartmatic programming. Assurances that the machines are not online have already been shown to be false. Georgia citizens have been assured that even if they were online, they are secure from hacking. Once again, this was shown to be false. Reports abound regarding lawsuits filed by Dominion powers-that-be. Yet there was little to no coverage just this week of the witnesses shown during live testimony hacking into these purportedly infallible machines. For followers of alternative news, this is just the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg, ripping out the underbelly of the Georgia election process.

Warnock gets more airtime than a passenger jet

Raphael Warnock’s campaign strategy seems to be one of pure inundation and claims of Kelly Loeffler lying about him. Reminiscent of Nickelback’s PR genius that made them a household name, Warnock is refuting ads Loeffler hasn’t even run. If she has made these claims in campaign ads, they must only air in the wee hours of the morning when nobody is actually awake to see them. In truth, Kelly Loeffler’s campaign ads have been a lot more about the direction our nation is headed, and a lot less about people hating Raphael Warnock. To be fair though, the puppy at the end of the commercial for Warnock is very, very cute. However, the sheer number of times a day Warnock’s ads are run is noteworthy. If repeating something ad nauseum makes it somehow become fact, then Raphael Warnock has the bull by the horns. If it isn’t ads for Warnock, then it’s Stacy Abrams, still struggling to be relevant in a race that left her in the dust long ago. The only true escape from this is the power button on the television remote.

Stacy Abrams Raphael Warnock

Grassroots efforts are happening all over

STOP THE STEAL is the rallying cry for Georgia patriots today. In almost every city, events are being organized. Rallies, flash mobs, knocking on doors, you name it, Georgia has it. Notably, Georgia can boast the presence of two grassroots activists in the past month. Scott Presler, a man that started a movement based on love of country and fellow man has been in Georgia almost non-stop since Thanksgiving. Known nationwide as a man that put his money where his mouth is, Presler has traveled all over the United States, literally cleaning up cities, meeting residents, sharing their concerns and showing them a better way. He has organized groups to knock on doors, register new voters, chat with residents, and generally spread the word that our very freedom is at stake. Another noteworthy activist pounding the pavement in Georgia this month is Brandon Straka, founder of the Walk Away movement. He, too, is showing Georgia residents that there is no shame in patriotism, no shame in love, and there is no room left at the inn for hatred. Both are impressing upon the residents of the state just how important the upcoming runoff election is to the very fabric of our being as a nation. This is no small feat in a state that supposedly turned blue literally overnight.

Brandon Straka Scott Presler

With all eyes on Georgia for the coming week, it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media chooses to spin the news. One can almost certainly be assured that what they show won’t be what they saw. Most likely, the nation can count on more of the same whitewashed news that spin doctors have invented to further what can only be classified as a communist cause. The biggest thing to remember about Georgians is that they are easygoing and likable. Until they aren’t. Don’t make them angry. You won’t like them when they’re angry.

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