Modern Cakes and Circuses

Professional sports have been a part of American culture for quite some time. Yet, recently, they have adopted the mantra of “woke” cancel culture. The Major League Baseball organization has just recently come out opposing the new election integrity legislation that was signed into law in the state of Georgia.

They came out against voters having to show identification in order to vote as has the Coca Cola Corporation. The MLB has decided because of this legislation that they will not hold the All Star game in Atlanta as a way of punishing the people of Georgia for standing up for making strides to ensure that future elections are fair and honest.

Doesn’t this law mean that certain ethnicities will be hindered from voting? No. This law was written to ensure that the people of Georgia are the ones who vote in Georgia elections. The intelligent citizens of Georgia will not have a problem in proving who they are.

Democrats use this tactic as a way to make it look like African Americans are incapable of getting an ID card. I honestly do not believe that they are being hindered the way that democrats have been portraying the issue. If someone in my area needed a ride to get an official ID card, I would drive them there myself, providing I was available to do so.

These businesses do not want anyone to have to prove who they are to vote in American elections, yet if you want to vote at one of Coca-Cola’s shareholder meetings, you had better have ID. The hypocrisy is utterly amazing. Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has called for a national boycott of the MLB, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola and others who have joined the bandwagon of cancel culture.

I say, “Right on!”. I have been saying for years that the best way to motivate change among large corporations is national boycotts. There was a time in America’s not-too-distant past that people did do those things and made effective changes in a lot of areas, including strides in protecting the environment.

However, I have another question. Have we not outgrown professional sports? I am not trying to insinuate that as a people we are not to enjoy sports, but I am saying why should we continue to pay these athletes all that money just to disrespect the American way of life? (No, I am not just referencing the gentleman that took a knee.) Instead of dishing out all that money on professional sports, how about we use it to improve our communities?

Let’s take back our country folks. Those that have been in charge have turned professional sports into a modern form of Rome’s “cakes and circuses”. They are trying to keep us entertained to the point that we will not ask questions about what they do concerning the running of our country. Sadly, we have allowed ourselves to be lulled by all the entertainment.

It is all quite “amusing”, right? Let’s dissect the word amuse. This word consists of “a”, which means not and “muse”, which means to think. So things that amuse us, are what causes us to not think. Sometimes it is nice to not think, but too much “not thinking” can get us into trouble.

Actually, it already has gotten us into trouble. Our families are split apart and in shambles from divorce and absentee parents (both genders). The Christian faith that was once so vibrant and strong in this country has allowed itself to be trampled on by those in the minority who were screaming that we were the bad guys.

They turned us into the bad guys because they had infiltrated our churches and polluted the meaning of many areas of text in the Bible. Then, they used their misinterpretations against us as though that was our faith.

I am referring to the part about where it says to “turn the other cheek”. Today, most believe that this means that we are to roll over and acquiesce when someone offends or hurts us in any way. This is far from the truth. In the culture of the Hebrews in the time of Christ, when you were slapped, most of the time you were backhanded. This was a clear insult and the person that did the slapping was stating that you were inferior to them. In turning the other cheek, the person was going to have to slap you open handed. This meant that they had to acknowledge you as an equal. Turning the other cheek had more to do with standing your ground rather than rolling over and playing dead.

That said, I dare you to turn the other cheek! No, I double dog dare you to stand up for the American way of life and the dream that our forefathers had for us and for all of our descendants when they first penned the Declaration of Independence and then the forthcoming Constitution for the great Republic that we at one time boasted of being. My hope is that we can again be that great Constitutional Republic.

So, dig in your heels and fight like hell for all that you love! For if we don’t, we will be living in hell without a chance of getting back our heaven.

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