National Day of Repentance

Leadership. We need it. However, even though everyone flocks to charismatic leaders, they aren’t always the best ones for the job.

The job at hand is an extremely tough one. It calls for someone who can persevere through the most severe attacks by the media and by people individually. It may even call for the use of super human strength.

Who fits this role the best? No one other than God Himself. God created this world. It belongs to Him. We, His errant creation, need to acknowledge His almighty sovereignty. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

How can He be the one to lead us? Don’t we need a human for this leadership position? No. We do not need a human for this. You see, even our human leaders should be submitting to His authority. God is the ultimate authority and we, as a nation, need to acknowledge this.

So, how do we do this? We repent as a nation. We repent of all of our sins; acknowledging and repenting of our complicity in such national sins of abortion, sexual perversions and in the buying and selling of humans (and their body parts).

The American people need to repent of sins (both personal and national), pray for forgiveness and pray for revival. The only way we will get the human leaders we need is to submit to the leadership of God Himself.

I now challenge everyone to commit to spreading this around. We need to have a National Day of Repentance. A day where Americans, including our leaders, humble themselves and repent to God of all our sins.

Let’s set aside an entire day to repent and submit ourselves to God and His will for us. Let’s do this soon. We don’t need to wait for someone in power to decide a date for us.

I say this date should be March 27th. For those who are not aware, March 27th is the start of Passover this year. There will be no better time to recommit your life to God. The Passover Lamb was slain for all our sins. Let us repent and dedicate the rest of our lives to truly being God’s children.

As God passed over the homes marked by the lamb’s blood, let us now ask for forgiveness and plead the blood of the Lamb over our lives so that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah can take His rightful place as the Lord of our lives and the King of all the earth.

Spread the word. Share this article. Use the hashtag #NationalDayRepent2021

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