Reading is Revealing

Americans are caught in the crosshairs of a political, social, economic and spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. Communism has infiltrated our government, our educational system, our political system, popular culture and, in some cases, our religious institutions. This battle is not as easy to see as it is to feel, which is why it is paramount that we ground ourselves and our arguments in facts and logic. While we subscribe to the old adage, “Seeing is believing,” we continue to blindly cling to a reality that is increasingly blurry, distorted by Leftist propaganda, Legacy Media lies and hidden political agendas. This series is dedicated to Americans who remain grounded in reason, logic and morality. If you are proud to be an American and are outraged by the current state of our nation, l implore you to abandon the old adage, Seeing is believing,” in favor of a new one: Reading is revealing.”

What does our new adage mean? It means that our heightened intuition about suspicious, Progressive claims should be a catalyst for research and investigation. The facts and evidence that we accrue must work as our armor-piercing ammunition when we launch our own fact-based initiatives.

This series will present an innovative approach to unifying Conservatives, Republicans and the general population by winning their hearts and minds. Then we will implement a cohesive, multi-faceted strategy to eradicate the Progressive Occupation of America.

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