Rigged Elections Are Never Rigged

“We’re developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.”
― Rod Serling

“Stop the Steal” is the mantra of well over 70 million people, that believe Trump lost the election via a rigged election in 2020. Long story short, if the election was rigged, Trump would be president until January 2025 instead of his presidency ending January, 20th 2021.

If the election wasn’t rigged, how did Joe Biden win?

That is a simple enough question that actually has a very simple answer. The answer is Democrats engage in “ballot harvesting”.


I hear all you readers saying “Ballot Harvesting? Come on man, that is illegal! You think I’m some sort of fool?” To answer my hypothetical question about you questioning ballot harvesting is “Please refer to the Rod Serling quote at the beginning of my scribbling.”

Four states allow for ballot harvesting. Those states are California, Georgia, Colorado and Montana. If only four states engaged in ballot harvesting how did Biden win?

Well, that is a bit more complicated. First we have to understand what is ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is the practice of “mailing in the ballot of a family member who cannot go to the polls themselves”. In California, Democratic State legislator from the San Diego area, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez wrote a law (that passed in 2016) that allows a non family member to harvest anyone’s ballot. That seems innocent enough. An expert in California seems to think it is pretty harmless.

“Paul Mitchell, vice president of California consulting group Political Data Inc., said the law is commonly used for everyday election purposes rather than nefarious political action. While there are instances where organizations will call around and ask voters if they need help delivering their ballot, it’s more commonly used between individuals, he said.

“It makes it so that my mother isn’t committing a criminal act when she returns the ballot of her elderly neighbor,” Mitchell said. “The pedestrian use of this ballot delivery law is 100 times greater than any kind of organized political campaign’s use of the law.”” Lara Korte- The Sacramento Bee

For more details on California ballot harvesting, please see the blueprint called (California) Assembly Bill 1921(of 2016). The Californian blueprint for ballot harvesting is exactly how Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania went to Biden.

A natural question that you intelligent readers might have would be, “Did this idea of ballot harvesting originate in California?” The answer is no. Ballot harvesting is a spin on the 3/5 Compromise of 1787. There is nothing new in politics, even though the media (and I mean all media. From the media we like, to the media we hate, everyone (media) engages in not informing us (the common people). Ballot harvesting is a ghetto scam that is now legal in California and used in 2020 due to an emergency (according to the swing states).


Trump would still be in office if he hired anyone with ghetto wisdom!

Come on now, ballot harvesting aka mall-in ballots has scam written all over it. I have personally seen people go all over the projects aka public housing in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose etc., knocking on people’s doors to fill out their ballots and mail those ballots in. How did Trump not see this? Answer: see SIDENOTE 2.

Those people filling out other people’s ballot, 100% of the time have always worked for establishment Democratic politicians. In the SF Bay Area, those politicians are bootlickers of Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC. No one gets political campaign financing unless they agree to “go along to get along”. This is how it goes, whoever gets the most money for their political campaign will win their election (you might want to refer back to the Rod Serling quote if you don’t know why political advertising works).

Here is some harsh reality that might sound racist. The vast majority of ghetto people don’t vote. All those people care about is feeling good. Living EBT refill, to EBT refill is a way of life. Getting drunk or high is their only concern. They don’t care about their schools, their kids or anything not related to sports or entertainment. The only way they would vote is if someone does it for them. And the vote farmer will do it. Living in the ghetto is like living in a mixture of Aldous Huxley’s book “Brave New World” and Ice T’s music video “Straight Up Nigga”. (please look up Ice T’s video. Why? My sentiments of the ghetto have been around for decades and Ice T is spot on…).

In that world, the vast majority doesn’t vote unless it is harvested. No one questions that racist idea that 90% of blacks have been visited by the Borg for assimilation. And that is why ballot harvesting seems legitimate. People honestly believe that blacks are a collective while a dude like me is an Uncle Thom for having the gall to think independently.

No one has the guts to say, “Hey, that crackhead didn’t vote, he was too busy breaking into my car, stealing just enough not to go over the $950 limit.” (I guess you have to live in CA to get that one). Republicans know this to be true but they are too afraid of looking racist. And they are to afraid of going into the ghetto and recruiting some ghetto ass people to ballot harvest for them.

The second part of Biden’s win depended on the political theater perpetrated by both political parties. The Republicans allowed the swing states to use ballot harvesting. Covid-19 was the perfect excuse and not one Republican, not Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or any elected right-wing hero advised (when I write “advised” I mean draft up the complaint with all the causes of actions) the state legislatures to sue their state for State Constitution violations.

The political theater was a brilliant show of Ted Cruz and Texas suing. It was all BS. They all knew that the states had to sue themselves. Ted Cruz has a law degree from Harvard. His specialty is literally constitutional law, so he knew that State level Republicans should have sued. Rand Paul, long time politician, is a medical doctor that should have figured it out too.

Term limits doesn’t stop this from happening. Campaign financing laws doesn’t stop this from happening. Nothing the Republicans have done have stopped this. Nothing honest “classical” liberals have done have stopped this. (Ok, I’m beginning to state the obvious…you get the point, nothing has stopped ballot harvesting). The system is rigged but it is totally legal.

There are only two solutions to resolve the negative issues of ballot harvesting.

Pass stricter federal laws on mail-in voting throughout the country that would make mail-in balloting illegal except for the absentee balloting method. That way states must use a valid identification verification process to count their mail in ballots
Or. Republicans better get better at ballot harvesting. To be fair, in places like South Carolina , Mitch McConnell does the same thing so he can win. All establishment politicians do this. The sad thing is that it works on freshmen congress members. I have a sneaky suspicion that the RCCC approached Liz Cheney and promised her ballot harvesting in Wyoming in exchange for a vote against Trump (plus her dad probably influenced her too).

I know I said two but I believe in the power of DWUSA (and this part of my scribbling can only be read here on DWUSA)! At the time of this writing, I believe DWUSA has 40,000 members. That is huge.This third solution sounds like a fantasy but can be done if we work together.

  1. Host a weekly event at a venue that can hold at least 500 people that is open to the general public between the ages of 21-30.
  2. Make sure the event is something that will attract a boatload of young people who want to party (I know a ton of great DJs)
  3. Charge anywhere between $10-$40 to get in. You local city will determine how much the door will be.
  4. The minimum raised should be $260K a year, which is very good to buy a local politician. Each weekly party should be raising slightly over $1mil year but smaller towns should be hitting $260K.
  5. Create an agenda that is DWUSA approved and mandate the local politician to run on that platform
  6. Buy DWUSA funded political ads for said candidate.
  7. Collect the email addresses of all party-goers. Submit those names/emails as individual campaign donors to said politician.
  8. Repeat until said candidate retires or loses. Just because someone wins doesn’t mean we stop fundraising for them. Our money buys their loyalty and cooperation

A natural question is “How do we find a venue?”. Go to any struggling club, bar or restaurant (with a full bar) and tell them you can bring whatever their capacity is every week (make it a Saturday). The venue covers their own costs, like security and bar staff and keep 100% of the bar revenue (which is between $10k-$100K a night. The DJs I know get the crowds drinking. Remember, it is a young drinking crowd…not a crowd of our friends or music you like or whatever…this is a traditional college age kid party). Covid-19 cannot stop people from partying, underground parties generate even more door money but for now, let’s focus on legitimate parties.

This is not an original concept. Gavin Newsom own four such venues in California and raises about 6million every year doing pretty much the same thing.

I know you do not know me and I do not know you but I know we are all motivated to destroy the swamp and Progressives. I have read many of your comments/questions on other writier’s stuff. Well, here is a viable solution (with an accurate account on how the election was stolen). We can control fundraising at the local level. We can primary RINOs at the local level too (the same way AOC won her primary). We are AmeriCANS not AmeriCANTS (ok not my joke but still funny).

  4 comments for “Rigged Elections Are Never Rigged

  1. February 27, 2021 at 8:17 am

    “Our money buys their loyalty and cooperation”
    This simple compromising statement effectively encourages Conservatives in general to abandon the legal, ethical and moral high ground to become that which we detest and are fighting against.

    “Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.”
    ~Thomas Paine

    • professordreg
      February 27, 2021 at 5:14 pm

      Nice comment. You illustrated exactly why conservatives lose.I totally believe you when you think what I write is (somehow) illegal or unethical or lacks morals. But from my point of view, what you write about being unethical or illegal is just another way of being lazy or cowardly.

      There is nothing illegal with raising funds the way I described. There is nothing unethical for paying people to be loyal to you (If you ever have enough money to afford a maid, you want that maid to be loyal to you and your family. You wouldn’t want that maid to cook you food and lace it with poison or ground up glass because she is part of the will…lol…it’s true, you never know with disloyal people)

      It is cowardly to think if you have money that it is wrong to buy people’s loyalty. (Kinda like how I pointed out that conservatives don’t call out crack heads who we all know didn’t vote) When you run a business, you want all your employees to be loyal to you (and not compete or steal company secrets etc. Conservatives are cowards because they are afraid of speaking the truth. Trump was a great leader because he knows how important it is to have loyalty. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to get loyalty in politics (as almost everyone stabbed him in the back, including his son-in-law)

      ” …in general to abandon the legal, ethical and moral high ground to become that which we detest and are fighting against.”. That quote is based on feelings and not logic. We need to use our brains and not our feelings. I effectively showed the readers how to gain power that will equal (or surpass) that of a billionaire or PAC or huge corporation.

      Either way, you can keep fighting based or emotions or you can fight using the proper tools to win.

      If you are going to quote people quote this hood rat I know. He said “I tripped and fell into some feelings. I’m ok now, I brushed that shit right off!”.

  2. February 28, 2021 at 7:35 am

    So in your estimation any conservative that would try to maintain a moral and ethical standard by not using the same tactics of the criminals we fight against is lazy and cowardly? I think I probably come from a different world than you do, I was raised in the “hood” as you call it of S.E. Washington DC and then I spent my life (I most likely have work boots older than you) working at hard labor.
    Loyalty in my world is only formed through the forge of respect gleaned through a living example of shared experience. I feel that you overlook the necessary bond between loyalty and trust, one can never trust those who’s loyalty was purchased. Yeah read that last line again, keyword being trust.
    You state “Conservatives are cowards because they are afraid to speak the truth” in your response. I’m guessing you are speaking of conservative politicians who are afraid to speak because they are concerned that the premium they pay to their un-trustworthy purchased followers might increase.
    I have brushed off more “shit” including the likes of that pathetic hood rat prophet you exalt than you could ever possibly imagine and I’ve been doing it for 45 years eating peanut butter and jelly. But sadly you are right about one thing, old school conservatives like me will probably always lose in today’s world because we come from a place where one would never compromise one’s own values to earn the support of those who couldn’t last a week in an old pair of our work boots.

    There is literally nothing in my earlier comment that is fueled by emotion, my comment is fueled by an unwavering reluctance to become that which is repugnant to any honest man. Our greatest tools to win are our moral and ethical value system and should that fail, we nourish the tree of liberty with the blood of Patriots that we share those values with based on actions and respect, not a payoff-NEVER a payoff.

    Long ago I got some sage advice from a Drill Sergeant that mirrored the words of my Father (a three war bastard), it went something like this: “When the shit hits the fan and you find you’re sharing a foxhole with someone who would set aside his oath and values to survive, shoot them first.”
    I look forward to reading your next article.

    • professordreg
      February 28, 2021 at 9:37 am

      Very interesting response (which is based on emotion that stems from what you call “moral and ethical” standard) you just posted. It is funny how your drill sergeant’s quote described almost every cop in any progressive city (I’m actually going to write an article about that based on that quote. Thanks! That is a great quote.) But back to your response.

      There are two elements to your emotional response.
      1. You have a “broke man’s” mentality which is very similar to Progressive ideology of hating people who get rich by working hard or through inheritance.

      2. Your moral and ethical standards are not based on actual good ol fashion KJV New Testament wisdom.

      (3. your premise is entirely wrong assuming that they are criminals. That assumption is not based on logic but emotion.You missed that what they are doing is 100% legal. Don’t be that old dude who won’t wear modern shoes or safety gear because new technology is cheating (that is an emotion). Sidenote, I bet Jessie Owens or Lee Evans old school track records in sprinting would still be world records if they had the same type of shoes worn today or even the shoes worn in the 80’s…the shoes are night and day from the 30’s to the 60’s to the 80’s to today)

      How do we fix this?

      We have to get on the same page.

      First let’s start with the word loyal. According to Merriam-Webster it is :

      1 : unswerving in allegiance: such as
      a : faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government were loyal to the king
      b : faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due a loyal husband
      c : faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product a loyal churchgoer

      Now, rich people or governments have the money to put poor people in a position where they have to be loyal to their money. You seem to have been a loyal worker for 45 years wearing old boots as proof to your loyalty. Someone bought your loyalty. The whole purpose of a job (from the employer’s perspective) is to see how much of a salary needs to be paid to buy loyalty. Or maybe you owned the company and bought your employees’ loyalty by paying them well and giving them a nice pension. Loyalty is bought all the time in a free-market society.

      That doesn’t mean bought loyalty is something we worship or marry.

      Please keep in mind that loyalty and gratefulness are two different things. When a kid works at McDonald’s their loyalty is bought for minimum wage. Eventually, that kid will leave because better opportunities are waiting. That kid is grateful for the experience (if they are well adjusted) but no longer loyal to McDonald’s as he must move on to a better situation.

      The USA is unique to any other country on the planet. The masses can control the loyalty of the politician regardless of money. The problem is once that politician is elected, “establishment” money will corrupt that politician.

      Why is that? It comes down to trust. The elected politician trusts the money because “politician” is a job. That money buys ads to get people thinking one way or the other. A politician needs money to win an election. The Tea Party movement (and others like it) keeps failing because it cannot compete financially. Think about it, how will a Tea Party elected official “trust” that the common people will not be fooled by negative ads when they do not have the money to purchase ads to refute negative ads? They don’t. So they get bought out by the lobbyist who buy all the ads they need to stay in office. The Tea Party never was in the business of funding politicians and they lost their relevance because they became bad employers.

      So, my way of raising money gives us a way to keep buying the loyalty of the politicians we elect because we become the employer from start to finish. It is easy, it costs very little money to start (under $1000) and that little money can become a great investment for the future of conservative politics. Keep in mind, that this is 100% legal. This is not spin. We are the employers of the politicians. If we don’t give them the tools to do their jobs, they will quit us like a teenager should quit McDonald’s

      Now for the 2nd part (which is a lot shorter, I promise). Everything I write is based on KJV New Testament wisdom. You feel the way you do because you are failing to share your experiences with the younger people. Teach these young people how to work with their hands…for fun (that is a literal commandment from Jesus/God. Loving thy neighbor as you love yourself…I’m paraphrasing). When you are teaching them, they will learn conservative principals with a joy in their hearts that comes from hard work. You never know, it might lead to something great where you can make money by doing it. But the greater point is to read that Bible carefully and apply it to your own life. Jesus calls us to real action of “loving” your neighbor (which is to be done actively and not passively…unless you are a hermit then it is ok because you’ll have no neighbors.)

      Be careful on not reading the Bible carefully though. I’m dead serious about conservatives losing because we don’t read, let alone reading carefully. Conservatives simply trust as long as they sound good (the evils of an echo chamber). Blacks trusted MLK Jr (who was not a righteous man) and look at what it got them. 50 years of the greatest Jim Crow law (the Civil Rights Act of 1964) that was the catalyst of blacks killing off each other to the point where the black death rate was greater than the black birth rate (achieved under Obama. Luckily, Trump reversed it but Biden will bring it back.). All of it could have been avoided if any conservative (leader or politician) took the time to read the law (which was short) or the Bible. They didn’t and MLK Jr is celebrated as if he is God himself by Progressive and Conservative leaders and their minions.

      I hope I am clarifying well.

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