Second Amendment Defender in Congress


Republican Colorado Congresswoman

Lauren Boebert

U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03), sworn in January 3, 2020 as a member of the 117th Congress, has already taken Washington D.C. by storm with her America First policies and 2nd Amendment ideals.  In her first term, Lauren has introduced the old guard of the Left to her constitutional right to open-carry a firearm in her place of work at the Capitol.   

The 34 year old first-term Congresswoman is a staunch protector of the Second Amendment right to bear arms and it has earned her Chair, Caucus, and Committee positions within the Republican Party so she may continue her fight.  

Lauren is not a politician; she is a mother and business owner in Rifle, Colorado.  In the quiet town she left behind, her self-owned and operated Western-style diner called Shooters Grill, where it is common to see wait staff openly carrying a firearm, is still buzzing about their representative.  They follow her achievements in pride of her grit and determination to fight for the rights endowed by the founding fathers.  Those who know her path are confident of her intention to become a public servant after a childhood of poverty and her ability to weather any obstacle as she had proven through her fight out of a welfare system that tried to keep her family in poverty.  After marrying, Lauren Boebert became a mother but the failed policies in her state and government drove her to finally stand up to the establishment, shake her fist, and speak out.  

After confronting the 2016 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke with her infamous declaration, “Hell no, you aren’t taking our guns,” Lauren’s path took a new direction and she found herself being the most fearless defender of our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  As proof of her concrete second amendment ideals she even fought back when Nancy Pelosi introduced 21 Democrat petitions to disarm Boebert on Capitol Hill as Boebert fired back with an overwhelming 82 colleagues willing to support her right to continue to carry openly for her protection.

Lauren Boebert is a loud voice for supporting the border wall and Border Patrol along with her emphasis on treating our military with respect and honoring veterans properly. She will never vote in favor of amnesty and has a consistent America First agenda in D.C. making her one of TEAM TRUMP’s favorite candidates!

Since she has been sworn in, Lauren has prompted Pelosi to have metal detectors installed which have sounded the alarm for concealed carrying congressmen Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) who have joined the battle to protect the rights of citizens and members of Congress like Lauren Boebert who is trained in firearms and should not be prevented from arming herself, especially after the Capitol Riot on January 6 where self defense may have been needed.

Last week in retaliation for the loud opposition of the constitutionalists demanding their rights, Pelosi threw down a $5000 fine for any member who tries to bypass metal detectors to conceal carry despite one Congressman’s insistence that he and his family’s lives have been threatened and he felt safer carrying a concealed firearm.  

Recently Lauren Boebert updated her constituents with a new resolve to fight against the swamp, “Never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t speak up for what you believe in. The “powers that be” fear our voice more than anything. That’s exactly why we need to be more vocal than ever!”

Support CO-Lauren Boebert wherever you find her on social media or donate to her cause!

Learn more about Lauren:  

100% America First leader!

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    February 1, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    This gives me hope!! Thank you !

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