Social Media Alternatives by Lacey L. Smith

Many users on the primary social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are sick & tired of either being censored, removed from those platforms or shadow banned while their personal data goes unprotected. In many, many cases people are censored and removed for reasons that clearly go against “the peoples rights” within the US Constitution. I am referring to both Freedom of Speech and Privacy. The violation of privacy also serves to put the user, via their personal information, at risk. Below I will offer some alternatives to these traitorous and dangerous big tech platforms.

Twitter < Parler

Parler is owned by John Matze. He created this platform because he knows, as many patriots do, that users are tired of censorship by the big tech monopolies in Silicon Valley. Parler is a Free-Speech platform that is quickly growing adding well over 10 million users in just the past 6 months

Facebook < MeWe

MeWe is an American site owned by Sgrouples, a company located in Culver City, California. MeWe’s approach has attracted users that are Truth Seekers, Anti-Vaxx movement, and American conservatives. Mark Weinstein is the founder of this social media platform which is similar to that of Facebook. MeWe remains focused on free speech and data privacy.

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Youtube < Rumble

Rumble is ranked the 18th fastest growing company in Canada. With its rapid growth  Chris Pavlovski, its founder has resolved Rumble’s digital media needs The company is transforming social video distribution and monetization; and one doesn’t have to worry about their video being “removed”. Notably they partner with Deloitte Technology which is a top 50 domestic company  in the rapidly growing technology, media, and telecommunication industries.

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    December 26, 2020 at 11:55 pm

    Thanks, sharing to Facebook/Twitter.

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