The American Rodeo: Cowboys, Cowgirls and no B.S. …Well, Maybe Some


The word ‘rodeo’ is of Hispanic origin and means roundup. American rodeos originated as regional gatherings, where cowboys from various ranches would compete in equestrian and roping contests, designed for recreational purposes and to showcase their skills. When rodeo promoters started advertising, charging admission, and awarding prizes to competitors, they insured the long-term future of rodeo. The first modern, commercial rodeos were held in Texas and Arizona in the 1880s (1). Since then, rodeos have remained a time-honored American tradition.

The rodeo I attended was officially sold out, with hundreds of fans bravely seated close together in the bleachers; men, women, and children, mostly mask-free. There was no mask shaming and no hate mongering. There was, however, an infectious amount of joy, complete with clapping, cheering, and singing. Together, we prayed as the rodeo announcer gave thanks to our Lord. We stood united, with hands over our hearts as a cowgirl crooned a breathtaking rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Before she could finish the final note of the song, I was moved to tears. I was inspired by the courage, love of God and love of Country that permeated the air.

While the Progressives continue their assassination attempts on American culture, it is now obvious to me that their efforts are futile. These rodeo fans have the same Patriotic, God loving and rebellious blood running through their veins as America’s tenacious founding fathers. Although I went to a rodeo to watch cowboys and cowgirls compete, I left with a renewed Red, White and Blue optimism!


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  1. April 2, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    The more people start going out to participate in cultural events, the less power the government will have over us. This “step” of fighting back can’t be overstated. This whole idea of shutting down and “masking up” for health and safety reasons is just as bad as all the regulations required for driving in California.

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