The Great Republican Reset

Terms like ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘The New World Order’ have surfaced in recent years referencing the theory that global elitists like Prince Charles, George Soros and the Clintons have planned to occupy world power and its people.  Secret societies are no stranger to the American political elite with past accounts of the Illuminati and Skull and Bones.  There is little doubt in our minds that these societies exist after watching a few documentaries detailing their relation to government leaders.  QAnon is the more recent society, one that includes highly technical members with powerful skills to research and expose corruption, earning them a target from the now ruling Democrats.  

Few really know what The Great Reset is nor would they take the time to research the theory because it always seemed unlikely due to our free nation.  Times have changed and our nation has now been exposed to unthinkable crimes left unpunished and exposed corruption within our own party.  Most conservatives are confused and frightened at the attacks coming from the Left in an eerie totalitarianism fashion reminiscent to the epic fantasy book “1984”, written by George Orwell, often a reading assignment to generations prior to the 90s.  The Left agenda is working hard and their enemy feels lost and hopeless with a constant stream of executive orders and tirades about punishing Trump supporters designed to force us into a dark corner where we hide our voices.  

We have a choice at this moment to rise and fight or cower and allow the inevitable chain of events to occur.  Violent opposition will earn staggering investigations, prison and eventual legislative or executive actions to abolish the Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Fighting isn’t always effective at the physical level because it isn’t what the Left used as a weapon, rather they used violence as a diversion to take our attention away from the actual crimes being committed.  Ignoring the Left riots streaming nonstop on the news, one-by-one we walked in or sent in ballots naively believing our vote counted and we had the best weapon of all, Donald J. Trump.

The day has arrived, the steal is successful as the local jurisdictions denied hearing claims and the courts to the highest level showed their complicity or their cowardice of the Left’s doxing and cancel-culture campaigns.  Theft is not an easy task and grabbing the largest prize, America, did not happen in the polling centers at the early hours of the election nor did it happen at the Supreme Court.  The steal happened right where you are, in your hometown.  It happened while you were living your life and focusing on your career, children and bills with little or no knowledge of who you voted for on the ballot.  While assuming a straight vote for your Party helps the movement towards our ideals and what America should represent, many voted to put people in power who complied with the Left agenda to take out the one who stood in their way, President Trump.

“The best is yet to come.”, President Donald J. Trump

What does he mean by this when our world appears so bleak?  Trump’s followers will overcome their shock and angst after being demonized by the Left and we will survive.  We enjoyed four years of something better than we had ever experienced before and we mourn our losses due to theft.  Trump has raised the bar of our expectations and we simply can not return to the oblivion and ignorance of 2020.  We are ‘Woke’.  The time has come for real change and the MAGA movement can no longer be stopped.  Ready to take on the opposing forces yet still feeling unarmed, we continue to look at leadership to save the sinking ship.  We obsessively check the news feeds for any miracle only to be disappointed again.  When the reality of the power shifting to the Left sinks in we resign ourselves to the old phrase, “We’ll get em in four years.” only this time it doesn’t make us feel any better because we know future elections will begin to mirror the 2020 election.  The evidence is in the latest Georgia run-off elections that followed the same path of events as the presidential election giving the Senate seats to two of the most Left idealist and a corrupt Republican Governor accomplice in their pocket.

The MAGA movement is not solely led by Donald Trump nor should any citizen rely on one man to change their world.  Change comes from within ourselves when we put our boots on the ground at the steps of local leadership.  Every MAGA supporter needs to know who their local representatives are and how they vote on policies.  Go to your page and start reading and researching the ones who speak for you.  Legislative and State Senators are on social media and most have a web page with all their contact information.  Oftentimes the Legislative Branch and Senate also have lists of filings and who is voting to support those laws.  Perform searches on your representatives and save those local stories with information and quotes from them.  Use these quotes to demonstrate a view or ask a question when you approach them later.  Virtual contact will only go as far as data but knowing your representatives comes from attending town hall meetings and congressional or senate hearings.  The mere presence of regular citizens at these events give cause to our representatives that we mean business and we are watching and taking notes.  Become involved on their social media and comment on posts so your name becomes familiar in the event you do meet one day.  They will know you are actively involved and there for business.  Leaders of states are people too, with families and dreams like any of their constituents  They do not wield a special sword and they exist in that career choice at our mercy!  It can be intimidating to approach a state leader but you will be relieved when you do to find they have been eagerly waiting for your ideas and questions.

While the Left scheme and try to execute ‘The Great Reset’ the MAGA movement conservatives must catch up with the times by hitting rewind and starting the Great Republican Reset.  The fight begins at home in front of your computer where you research every person who speaks for you at your local level.  The next phase will involve leaving the safety of the home and integrating back into your community with like-minded people.  Quarantine and civil unrest makes it easier to find reasons to hide in the home with the comforts of electronic devices and we now see the consequences of that convenience.  

It is time for the Great Republican Reset.  It is time to fight back harder than ever before and use the anger of the steal to project us in the direction we want.  It is time to take back your state, campaign against undesirable leaders and support the ones who understand their duties to the people. 

 The time has come to get our hands dirty, roll up our sleeves and get to work.  

What have you done today to learn more about your home state?

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  5 comments for “The Great Republican Reset

  1. Angela
    January 22, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    Awesome article and exactly what I needed to hear.

    • coodie parks
      January 22, 2021 at 11:15 pm

      What we are seeing now the great reset, one world order, UN Agenda 21/2030 is already in place all the way down to our local governments it is a totalitarian 95% world depopulation Agenda according to its article 12 download DuckDuckGo a free non censored search engine and run a search on Agenda 2030 and on Canadian cv19 Leaked Parliamentarian Document it shows their immediate plan for nations it was agreed to in 1992 and we are basically screwed do a search on ICLEI search your state asap

      • shefreeman
        January 23, 2021 at 9:30 am

        great JOb Hopefully the sheep are waking UP!!

  2. Johnny Kaylor
    January 22, 2021 at 8:01 pm

    I have done all that, contacted legislatures, FBI, DOJ,CIA, ETC.. If you want to know what I really think and really close to knowing, if We The People don’t come together and go back to Washington DC and peacefully and demand were not accepting this fraudulent election. I’ve saved most of all the testimony from the American People, evidence of Sydney Powell, all the documents of court hearing for Texas, documents and court cases of NC fraud were I live, all the senate hearings on video were they agreed, and the report from department of national intelligence were they’d showed were China involved in election interference fraud. All I’m saying is if we can’t come together with all of this and make them let us get Jovan to audit for the people that we are not accepting it. I’m not trying to be sarcastic, just honest. If we don’t do something we might not have nothing left to fight with, he is going to destroy this economy, and right now we have a platform, I just have a hard time getting people to understand that they are not going to be a next time. I don’t know how much research others have done but we are owned by the Vatican in London and foreign banks and investors that are very evil. We lost our constitution in 1871 were they sold us off but federal government is still the ceo but the constitution was changed to represent the federal government and was taken from the people we are under some other law. 1933 they got more money through them and use the people through their social security numbers for bank collateral. Just like Trump said were a incorporated business and we need to be a republic for the people again. Trump was friends with the Kennedys and He told the son he was going to bring them down after they killed Kennedy for trying to get the people out of the bank control. Sorry so long but it’s a mess and I think He had a plan to get our country back but either wanted us to stand against it with this or the deal at Capital with the big set up messed it up. Let me know what you think, I know it needs a alot of people and brains, and above all prayer to our God in Heaven, with the Lord Jesus Christ, and fire in our souls from the Holy Spirit and it’ll all be good!
    Thanks Johnny Kaylor

  3. Jerry Limen
    January 23, 2021 at 10:03 am

    God bless America!…The best is yetvto come!…God bless us all!.

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