The Orange County California Patriots by Lori Turner

The Golden State is sadly one of the most criticized and laughed at in the news these days. It has so much to offer. Glorious weather, magnificent terrain, beaches, landmarks and natural beauty that should be recognized and experienced by any traveler from around the world.  California has many positive attributes; unfortunately, it is over shadowed by politicians who chose to ignore pressing matters.   Politicians who pass innocuous laws that deter from the real challenges which are bringing the state into a crisis mode.  Rather than acknowledge real problems, such as rampant homelessness and addiction, California politicians choose to pass laws that provide the most novice comedian endless material.  Family members around the dinner table are all poking fun of Uncle Dave that is visiting from Sacramento.  Ending with hurt feelings and not speaking to one another. 

Is Gavin Newsom really worth busting up a family? 

I too have been guilty of making fun of California. I mean who can resist with The Straw Law and The Salvage Law?  For those that are not familiar, the Straw Law was passed in 2019 resulting in plastics straws becoming Public Enemy #1.  Although well intended, (to stop polluting oceans and landfills with plastic) it lost its meaning when the media had to explain to the public “Everyone will have to ask for straws or they can start bringing their own to California restaurants”.  Restaurants that are at risk of  permanently closing forever thanks to the communist politicians running the state. 

Not to mention in 2020, under a new law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom known as “The Salvage Law” intended not to waste deer and elk meat after it has been hit by a car, can be legally hauled off by bystanders as a tasty meal. 

Please, California representatives, stop giving us so much ammunition to make fun of you and get busy solving real issues!

After having a cancer scare and hometown doctors inadequately diagnosed me, I won a long hard fight with my insurance provider.   I was approved to seek out qualified doctors in surrounding states. The choices were either Arizona or California. Part of the surgical path required reconstruction and the choice was simple; CALIFORNIA the mecca of surgically enhanced self-absorbed people. For the most part, everyone’s grandmother looks twenty years younger.  I knew I was in the right state. 

After finding a highly qualified doctor and plastic surgeon I began my “Be Less Judgmental of Californian’s” journey to Orange County, CA (aka OC). Mission Viejo to be specific. Wearing my conservative ideology quietly on my sleeve, I swore an oath in my mind, I would not discuss politics with anyone after Uncle Dave from Sacramento abolished me from the family and a liberal anesthesiologist (if you get my drift).  

After everything I experienced from the hospital stay, doctors, nurses, and follow ups I grew an appreciation and fondness for Southern Californians.  In May of 2020, after a final post op visit, while driving back to the hotel, (as my husband and I had done so many times before) something unusual was on the corner of the busy intersection. Flying over a small canopy and table in the balmy blue skies of Southern California, an array of Trump 2020 flags.

Orange County, CA is located in the southwestern region in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. According to Orange County there are 34 cities and it is considered the third most populous county in the state. With all of the political turmoil, high taxes, and the horrendous homeless problems in the media it is difficult to believe in the 1970s and 80s California was once a RED state. Yes, you heard it correctly, California was once a mecca for Republicans and OC was as red as strawberries growing in Oxnard. 

If you are old enough to remember President Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, you know exactly why OC was conservative. Nixon grew up in Southern California in the town Yorba Linda and although living in New York at the time of his election, purchased a 10 room south western style home tucked away in the San Clemente hills wining and dining all kinds of important people. Los Angeles Times.  He was great at negotiating but disliked the media to the point they turned on him and it hurt his political career. (Sound familiar?) Oh, and that little scandal called Watergate that sent him packing his bags into exile today,  Nixon’s San Clemente home last reported in “2019”.  It was listed for sale at $57.5 million. No further information on whether or not it has sold; however, with the current political mentality I’m sure some tree-hugging Tesla-loving developer would rather erase it and turn it into a typical concrete, Steel, and glass “Kardashian-style” inspired compound. 

San Clemente, CA is a very family friendly and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the county and it comes with no surprise, like nearby Huntington Beach, a rebellious surfer mentality exists amongst its citizens. During the pandemic of 2020 some small San Clemente business owners defied the orders of their notorious tyrant Governor. Hold onto that thought….

Ronald Reagan, although retired his presidential career in Santa Barbara, CA approximately 100 miles away from the OC, was a favorite amongst conservative California and proven loyalty when he was elected the 40th President of the United States. Why Reagan? If you ask the ones who remember,  they will tell you, “He was a California movie star with over 50 motion pictures under his belt.”  A product of Hollywood. Yes, folks you heard me. A PRODUCT OF HOLLYWOOD. When you have the ability to act yourself into any role you become quite the communicator and influencer. Reagan was relatable and with his wicked quick sense of humor and unfettered decision making, he ended the Cold War with Russia tearing down the Berlin Wall.  He appointed the first woman Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Conner .  It was easy to admire, be loyal and love the Commander and Chief of the United States of America with those Hollywood looks.   

It seems like yesterday, just a mere 4 years ago Trump was elected our President. Yet, the Reagan Orange County conservatives took a mighty fall and turned blue in the same year.  Where are those OC Conservatives? Did they disappear?  Two months had gone by staying at home from Covid-19 and phase 2 of opening up the great state of Nevada had begun. I couldn’t wait to get back to OC and find what I perceived to be the only table of Trump merchandise being sold in the entire state. Burned into my memory was the admiration for anyone who had the balls to stand up to tyranny I just had to muster up the courage and go stand on the corner of that busy intersection and buy a few Trump tee shirts and MAGA hats. Would I be confronted with an angry mob of progressives? Would someone purposefully run me down in their electric car? Thoughts like these raced through my head as we parked the car and slithered through the bushes to buy our Trump regalia.  As the cars whizzed by and horns blaring, I realized that I was in a sea of Trump supporters in the middle of what I perceived to be Commie California. Our little group of 3 standing in front of that MAGA table soon turned into 20. 

It turns out there are conservatives in California but they are suppressed and are overshadowed by crooked liberal politicians and ridiculous laws. Not surprisingly the media totally ignores them. “Newsome hates OC.” said a man.  My heart melted with patriotism as more and more OC Californians approached the MAGA table that day in May.  Fast forward to October and another visit to the OC and what was one Trump MAGA table on a busy intersection turned into one on EVERY corner. No kidding!!!!! Now that the fraud of an election has occurred and the battle for our President Trump continues on, it is vital to remember we must support our Patriot brothers and sisters in California.   With over half of the signatures needed to recall Governor Newsom, we MUST fix California NOW.  Don’t judge until you walk in the trenches because you never know who you will find. It might just be a California Patriot getting their hands dirty right along with you.

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