The Watchmen Do Not Watch Anything (DWUSA REMIX)

“The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No.””

― Alan Moore

Every Conservative wishes to be that person from the comics. Don’t get me wrong, I am an extreme far right person, but I do laugh at the pretend heroism of the Conservatives, who sit to the left of me. Those Conservatives do not conserve anything just like how the Watchmen do not watch anything.

Sidenote: In reality, I’m a moderate because I’m a Christian. As a Christian, I will have solutions for everyone and not just Christians or Conservatives. I do not care if you are a Muslim, Buddhist or some crazy power bottom Progressive, the solutions I come up with would benefit you, too. Why am I like this? I love God. Loving God has allowed me to love myself. Loving myself has allowed me to love everyone (without wanting to bang you if you’re hot). That means I will show you respect and treat you in the same way I’d like to be treated, regardless of how you behave. (I still talk shit because…well, it is a ghetto thing. We like talking shit to our friends. I think big families and Italians are like this too. I love stereotypes…anyway…back to business. (Hey! Don’t forget to comment. Tell me what you think and how it applies to you. Share your stories on this topic below.).

Who are our Watchmen? Well, it is obvious not Alan Moore’s Watchmen. We (our society) have given this honor to mostly pseudo conservatives called police officers. I will give you the perfect example of a pretend conservative police officer. V J Willis Jr, a great writer for DWUSA, paraphrased in his article the quotes of several federal cops stating, ” …that they have the laws they need to combat this problem” (of human trafficking). “They just need to be free to do their jobs. They say it breaks their hearts to see the hundreds and thousands of minor children crossing into this nation with adults that are obviously not their parents, children who will likely end up as victims of sexual exploitation.”

It doesn’t matter if they are cops of Progressive cities or the most Conservative town. Sadly, these people like most conservatives (and all people to my left) do not know the US Constitution. These people (the police) take an oath to uphold the US Constitution; yet (like good little programed robots), will follow all unconstitutional orders given by their local city politician or superior officer who follows these Progressive rats. Yes, I know Texas is supposed to be Conservative but any state that allows the child sex slave industry is a Progressive place.

These police officers are literally following orders to generate revenue off you and me. The vast majority of a police officer’s day is not stopping human trafficking, or pedophilia, or illegal immigration, or government corruption. The vast majority of a police officer’s day is literally generating revenue for the government that uses it for corruption, disguised as “mismanagement”.

Blue lives matter only when they follow the US Constitution. If you are a police officer in a Progressive city, or a state like Texas where the officers look the other way to serious crimes, you are the equivalent of the Sturmabteilung. You are a traitor to this country when you break your oath to the Constitution.

Stop yelling “But the liberals…but the liberals…” I know “the liberals”. They are an easy target. Look at yourself first. Are you truly conservative or just some dolt following orders? “I don’t want to lose my job, so I do what I am told” is what 99% of the Sturmabteilung will say, to defend their inaction to stop illegal immigration, sex slavery and other horrible things. And we, regular “Conservative” civilians kiss their asses.

For what?  Out of a false sense of being a “patriot”? Eff that noise. It is time to start thinking as independent individuals who understand the Constitution. Here… we… go!

City police officers of every Progressive city (which is every top 20 major city in America, but San Diego) are an unjust and unjustified arm of the Progressive government. Their powers of exigent circumstances are the biggest farce since that Jim Crow Law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Covid-19 helped prove this. In San Francisco, the gay she-male hookers illegally work while wearing no masks, but the Sturmabteilung forces small restaurants shut if there are more than 6 people ordering food.

Instead of learning why exigent circumstances should not exist and why Progressive (aka pretend conservatives) cops should not exist, all I hear are Conservatives yelling, “taxation is theft” or “thank you for your service” or “stop killing babies” or “you won’t take my gun”, but have no  solutions for any problem except to participate in the expanding of the government, give up their rights, and do what the Sturmabteilung tells them to do.

I have mentioned in other articles that Progressive ideology is a suicidal ideology. I know many of you probably think I am being hyperbolic (especially if you are reading this on a liberal leaning website) but I will offer up very solid evidence right now:

Since Progressives are turning our well-intentioned brothers and sisters into the Sturmabteilung, our Watchmen are becoming suicidal time bombs. They get paid $200 a day (this is the pay in San Francisco…I don’t know about elsewhere) to take away our constitutional rights. In other words, $200 a day is what their values are worth. For $200 a day, our Watchmen look the other way as the Progressive government takes away the physical liberties of hundreds of thousands of people, in the form of illegal immigrants, business owners, church goers and anyone else who wants to enjoy our God-given rights, which also happens to be codified in the US Constitution.


(Seriously, police officers will die from suicide more times than all other ways to die in the line of duty combined! or go to the )

Again, police offers will die from suicide more times than all other ways to die in the line of duty COMBINED!

We make our Watchmen suicidal by the administrative policies used to make them immune to the US Constitution. These Watchmen are literal welfare recipients who get cash instead of food stamps/EBT cards. In exchange of their cash welfare, they must risk their lives, while seeing everyone as a potential risk to their own life, for the welfare checks they get on the 1st and 15th of each month. Holy welfare, Batman! No wonder these guys are suicidal time bombs.

There is no way that any person, in any profession, should see anyone as a threat to their life in this country. The Constitution forbids it. I don’t care if you are a cop in the worst ghettos in LA or Baltimore, you as a cop should not be working in fear. If you do, you should not be a police officer.

Since these Progressive cops work in fear, and opt not to kill anyone (except themselves) what do they do for a living then? They are tax collectors. They give out trivial tickets so that the Progressive government may grow.

When cops embrace Progressive ideology, they lose their identity. When that happens, watch out!

Don’t come at me with that noise of “But you never been a cop and don’t know how dangerous it is”. Instead of arguing, I will show you what a real Conservative/Christian cop looks like: I present to you, Mr. Roger Clark.

“In 1993, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had 7,000 sworn and 3,000 civilian personnel and a daily County Jail inmate population of 23,000. 

Service as a Lieutenant (15 Years, 0 Months):

1.Field Operations Region I NORSAT 11/15/87 to 3/31/93 64 months.

I commanded a specialized unit created to investigate, locate, observe and arrest major (career) criminal offenders. This unit was designed as a multi jurisdictional effort for the cities in the northern region of Los Angeles County. The command consisted of four (4) Sergeants, seventeen (17) Deputies, four (4) Police Officers, twenty five (25) Reserves, and three (3) civilian employees. The 1992 budget set at $1.5 million. The arrest rate averaged 500 career criminal arrests per year with a 97% conviction rate and no shots fired (on either side) for 61 consecutive months.

Significant contributions while assigned at this Bureau were:

•Increase in participating police agencies

.•Direct participation with corporate (private) agencies

•Formation of a reserve and volunteer unit

•Establishment of NORSAT Foundation private funding

•Computerization of the unit

•Promotion of fourteen personnel

•Fleet expansion from 13 to 28 vehicles (donated)

•Formation of the DEA Valley Task Force

•Field Operations Directive 89-3″

Do you see?

This cop loved God and that allowed him to love himself. Because he loved himself, he was able to uplift his entire bureau. Come on now, more than half of the full timers got promoted! And no one got shot. Not the cops or the criminals (as God intended).


Be honest, now that we have seen all of the George Floyd videos, look at how the initial officer responded to George Floyd. When that officer tapped on the window, he already had his gun drawn. Why, for a low level counterfeiter operation? I doubt it. In that situation, that Watchman was attempting to generate more revenue than a little ticket would generate.

Seriously, that initial officer is lucky that 99.99% of everybody are not violent people. The way he approached the car, if the people were truly violent (as Progressives are taught), that cop would have been killed. The backseat passenger easily could have shot the other officer while the female distracted the other officer… I’m telling you, there were a million ways that could have gone sideways, but it didn’t. Why? People are not violent.

If you are truly Conservative, never do what a police officer tells you to do. (Unless you have committed a real violent crime…then just submit and you’ll be fine). Speak to that officer like any other human being. Please do not use that “Sovereign Citizen” crap or “Q” stuff. Instead of talking weird conspiracy nonsense, please remember who you are. We are Conservatives, with a strong understanding of the US Constitution.

So the next time a cop violates your civil rights, via being a tax collector, understand what the four types of exigent circumstances are that allow for the suspension of your US Constitutional rights. If you do not meet those four standards, respectfully and tactfully explain to an officer how they are putting their lives in danger for not understanding the US Constitution. Tactfully, tell the Watchmen that welfare, in all its forms, is bad, not just for the country but mostly for the recipients. You will see, you’ll never get a ticket again and will save a life!

Please do not forget to look at the suicide stats of police officers.

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  1. Vanessa nyc
    March 12, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Amazing professor dreg! Spot on! And there’s so many suicides by NYPD officers. It’s sick and I come from a whole family line of cops. They’re all retired now but they were take no shit type cops. And roger Clark! Yes! 👏🏽

    • March 13, 2021 at 12:49 am

      I can’t get over the amount of suicides. Sometimes, I feel like a broken record with my “progressive ideology is a suicidal death cult” mantra…but it is true. I wonder what you family would think about this piece. So many police officers are not aware about the amount of suicides… Thanks for the comment and kind words!

  2. March 13, 2021 at 7:26 am

    I don’t even know where to start with this article.

    It opens with a quote from a comic book writer who is also a self declared ceremonial magician and self described anarchist that supported the occupy movement. All in all a strong anti-establishment anarchist that considered the Roman snake god Glycon as his primary deity.

    – “Jim Crow Law called the Civil Rights Act of 1964”
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the first step that hastened the end of Jim Crow laws to call it a Jim Crow law itself is beyond ludicrous. I personally consider critical race theory as the resurgence of Jim Crow.
    – “When that officer tapped on the window, he already had his gun drawn.”
    Watch the body cam footage again, the officer is clearly visible in the reflection from Floyd’s car window, his firearm is holstered and he even raises his right hand that is clearly not holding a firearm.
    – “If you are truly Conservative, never do what a police officer tells you to do.”
    Really bad advice, this type of thinking has caused more unnecessary confrontation than can even be outlined here. I hazard to say though that the “truly conservative” probably have not put themselves in a situation of having been pulled over in the first place.
    – “Blue lives matter only when they follow the US Constitution.”
    Much like the phrase ‘black lives matter’ if one needs to put a group or race in front of the term ‘lives matter’ one might be considered racist.

    All in all I find this article to be strongly anti-cop at best and cognitively dissonant in the fact that I never saw a single reference to PTSD. The overarching conclusion designed to be drawn from this article would be that police commit suicide because they feel personally guilty somehow and that is just simply not the truth.

    My personal take on Law Enforcement Officers not upholding their oath is that they have allowed themselves to be cuckolded by the leftist regimes in blue localities that hold their pensions hostage, they should resign in disgrace.

    Protesters that engage in looting, burning and destruction of property are no longer protesters they are now domestic terrorists and their activities should be curtailed utilizing the universally accepted use of force continuum guidelines. Autonomous zones and occupy areas in American cities should likewise be removed immediately and the provocateurs responsible for them should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Exit note:
    “Looking more specifically, it appears as though Caucasian men tend to have lower suicide rates as police officers compared to women and African-American men. Suicide rates for women that become police officers tend to be approximately 2.03 times that of the average population, while African-American male police officers tend to engage in approximately 2.55 times your average worker. However, in general, your “active duty” police officer engages in suicide as a cause of death at a rate that is still less than doctors and dentists. More police get killed from felons than those who die of suicide.”

  3. March 13, 2021 at 6:08 pm

    Thank you for the well thought out response. I will answer every point you brought up.

    Alan Moore made a great quote that describes what happens when a society embraces “left-wing” ideology. Yes, he might be an anarchist but Anarchy is the most extreme of the far right political spectrum. Many people believe that Anarchy is far-left but it is the opposite. Anarchy is without any form of government or structure at all. It should be obvious, that no rational person here supports anarchy. I personally support a very limited government as written in the Constitution.

    The 1964 Civil RIghts Act was not the first step to end the Jim Crow Era. The 1964 Civil Rights Act put an end to the case law known as Oliver Brown, et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka, et al. That case law was the first step at ending Jim Crow. The 2nd step of ending Jim Crow was the 1957 Civil Rights Act. The 1964 Civil Rights Act dismantled the 1957 as if were a red headed step child. You should really compare the 1957 and 1964 CRA side by side. You’ll see how in 1964, it literally takes away rights of black people. Which eventually led to what we see today. Boys pretending to be girls to get a trophy. Progressives are sneaky and depend on our ignorance to thrive. The 1964 CRA is one of the biggest mass hoaxes in modern history, right after Woman’s Suffrage but before Covid-19.

    The officer in question gun was found underneath the SUV. He had trouble remembering his flashlight and gun and walked with both of them drawn. But the reason why his gun fell was because it was already drawn and not put back properly (but that point is irrelevant to anything except to illustrate how they work in fear). There are two bodycams and one shows him with both his gun and flashlight drawn prior to the tapping. Training is clearly needed etc but for another piece. Just for the fact that that gun dropped and slid a bit…my goodness it could have gone real bad if people were violent.

    Regarding “…never do what a cop tells you to do…”: That is taken out of context. I clearly wrote comply if you committed a violent crime. I never wrote “confront them”. Police, the vast majority at least, will respond in a positive manner when you speak to them as a regular human being. No cop wants to infringe on your civil rights and they all know that 99% of all traffic violations are nonsense but required to feed the government. Now if a cop sees that a normal conversation is a confrontation, then he shouldn’t be a cop. Respect and tact are not fighting words.

    Black lives matter has nothing to do with this article. Black lives MAGA might but not black lives matters. Race has nothing to do with piece.

    PTSD has nothing to do with this either. Peace Officer Standard Training (POST) Learning Domain (LD) teaches across the country that every police officer SHOULD receive mental health training after each use of force. That means, when a cop is forced to touch another human being to arrest them, they should go get some form of counseling. So I purposely did not put that in the article. The purpose of the article was NOT to inform people that 99.9% of all officers do not get the suggested mental health training they require to do their jobs safely. Placing that fact out of context would be anti-cop.

    Cops breaking their oath. Here is where we might have common ground. The problem is that police are taking oaths to something they never read, not required to read and of course, they do not understand. Police simply think of their jobs as playing “Cowboys and Indians”. Their job is to uphold the Constitutional rights of everyone and not determine between “good vs evil”. People not knowing that fact makes their job tough and not the actual criminals. Criminals know their job…it is to run away but submit when they get overpowered. Which is why Clark did what he did where no one got shot but they arrested 3 violent criminals a day for over 5 years…cleaning up LA safely.

    Protestors have nothing to do with what I am writing about. We Conservatives, tend to want to blame Progressives, before we fix a serious problem that concerns us. How can we get Progressives to stop being idiots, when we are the ones that willingly give them our children to work as “oath breakers”. Even in the most Conservative areas, police do not and are not required to read the Bill of Rights, let alone the entire US Constitution.

    Your exit note. Race has nothing to do with it. Here is why race doesn’t matter. I can say, blacks and women would rather kill themselves before they take out their anger or PTSD issues on their loved ones, where white men have no problem beating their wives (which is a huge stat regarding police and domestic violence) My stats regarding police dying from suicide more than all other forms of dying is 100% factual for the past 5 years. It is a stand alone fact. The websites I posted are from other officers who try to set up peer counseling to other officers who do not get the recommended “mental health” training. It isn’t easy getting into a fight with another person. It goes against our intended spirit (it sounds a bit girly but it is true). People just want to believe that cops are the bravest among us etc but the truth is, they are just people like anyone else.

    I hope I am making sense. Wanting the police to not work in fear, be way better trained in the Constitution and work exactly like Clark, does not make me or this scribbling “anti-cop”. In fact, I am so pro-cop, I want them to have B.S.degrees, have at least two years on studies on the Bill of Rights, a minimum age of 28 and extensive hand to hand combat training coupled with weight lifting minimum requirements (not everyone should be a cop…you need physical skills…like an NFL player strength or something…just spitballing)

    Either way, good chat.

    • March 13, 2021 at 6:18 pm

      @Nostinkinroads. I have a question for you. This question stems from me thinking you missed this point. How would you stop your police agency from becoming Progressive? If every major city has a Progressive police force, how would you stop that from happening in your Conservative town or city? You don’t have to answer it but it is something to think about.

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