They Keep Moving the Goal Post

When will normal be back? Everyone is asking, yet no one gives an answer. Will normal ever return? That seems to be the waning hope of everyone around the globe. Our minds are being bombarded with information on the news. “We still haven’t flattened the curve” seems to be the cry everywhere. Then there is the talk of herd immunity. What exactly is herd immunity? Herd immunity is also called community immunity. This is where large segments of a population in an area become “immune” to a particular disease or viral infection. Yet, what exactly is the percentage of the population that needs to be called immune in order for herd immunity to be reached?

According to an article on herd immunity at, herd immunity in an area depends on the reproductive rate (RO number) of the area’s population. It states that depending on this number it could mean that anywhere from 50 to 67 percent of the area’s population would need to acquire immunity by some means in order to qualify for “herd immunity”.

There are two ways in which to acquire immunity. One is by the natural means of getting the infection and your body naturally fighting it by producing antibodies against the invading virus or bacteria. The other method is via vaccination. Traditionally, a vaccine is supposed to mimic the true infection and cause your body to create antibodies to the disease or infection so that the next time it encounters it, your body will fight it off effectively and you will be less likely to become severely sick.

However, it seems with this virus that we must obtain world wide herd immunity status in order for things to return to normal. With a world population of close to eight billion people, this means that 4 to 5.36 billion people must be considered immune for herd immunity to be reached. Question is, how long will that take? Which variant of the virus must we all be immune to in order for herd immunity status to take effect? These are questions that are not being asked as far as I have been able to find and the media doesn’t seem to be interested in giving all of the facts of the situation to the world. They are just giving out the ones that they are being told to push onto the population of the world.

I have always been an independent minded individual. I ask questions about everything. I do not take anything that the main stream media says as total concrete fact. In doing my own research, I have come across several articles from medical journals that discuss the efficacy of wearing a mask. Many of the oldest studies are only on the wearing of surgical masks in clinical settings. There haven’t been any definitive studies done on the wearing of masks by the general population in non clinical settings. The one Dutch study that I read that was conducted in 2020, showed that the rates of infection between the group that wore masks and the group that did not had very similar rates of infection among them. To me, this showed that the mask isn’t really the key to fighting off and keeping the infection at bay.

I have seen countless videos and read many testimonials on how masks can and do effect the oxygen levels of different individuals. I want to make one thing evidently clear right here. Surgeons wear masks during surgery to prevent droplets from entering open wounds/incisions on patients. Operating rooms are sterilized and the air coming in to them is both purified and oxygen enriched. There is no way that the surgical staff will suffer from any kind of oxygen depletion. So, to compare a surgeon or his staff wearing surgical masks to someone out in public wearing a cloth mask is an apples to oranges comparison. It doesn’t hold water.

Back to the goal post. We were first told that all that was needed was a few weeks. Wear a mask and social distance and in a few weeks we will reopen everything. They lied. It turned into months. Now it has been over a year. It’s not just lives at risk over a virus anymore. It is lives at risk of dying from fear. Yes, fear. People are dying because they’re seeking medical help for non virus related conditions. They are putting off needed surgeries or treatments because they are so paralyzed with fear that they barely even leave their homes. People are also now at greater risk of not getting the food they need to keep their bodies nourished well enough to stay healthy.

I am not just talking about adults either. Children are at greater risk of food inefficiencies due to not being able to go to school and get the free meals. Their parents are struggling financially even more than they had been. Many have lost their jobs and cannot find work anywhere else. Since funding is scarce, they can’t even afford to make unnecessary trips away from home. This has caused more depression and domestic violence in many places. The suicide rate among even the very young is increasing. Can we afford to continue to have our children isolated from their friends and the family they love?

We have to stop and ask ourselves at some point if this is all really about a virus. Is it? Or is it about being able to more effectively control every human on the planet? Look how they have most all of us wearing masks. Masks that, as of yet, have been proven to be really effective. Now they are advising for two masks? How will two be more effective than one? Will that not cause a depletion in oxygen to the body? Have any studies been done on whether more masks will be effective to stop the spread?

Common sense seems to have died. How can we effectively stop the spread and have everything opened up? We will not stop the spread by what we are currently doing. It goes against everything known about how immunity in the human body works. In order for you to gain immunity to a viral or bacterial infection, your body must first be exposed to it. It has to be able to create antibodies to the infection. This happens either naturally or through a vaccination. How severely your body reacts to an infection will depend on how healthy you are over all. Those with immune compromised systems will have a tougher time overcoming any type of infection than perfectly healthy individuals.

However, there are steps to lessen the severity. One way, of course, it to maintain a healthy diet. You can enhance this by taking supplements that will increase your body’s ability to fight off infections. If you feel that you are coming down with something, take extra precautions. Remember to wash your hands regularly as using hand sanitizer over time decreases its effectiveness. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for thorough hand washing. Also remember to cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief. It is within those droplets that many infections start.

This is why masks can be ineffective. For example, if you rebreathe what your body has just expelled from a sneeze, the bacterial or viral particles could find their way back to your lungs. This could set you up for bacterial pneumonia, which was a cause of many deaths during the Spanish Flu epidemic in the early 1900s. While there were many who wore masks during that epidemic, it is unclear as to whether or not it was truly helpful and if people were being educated enough on how to properly wear them. If they were cloth masks, were they cleaning them well enough between uses? Were they cleaning them at all?

Now here we are, over a hundred years later, and we have a world wide pandemic on our hands again. Our population has exploded over the past century and the world is much more crowded than it was then. More people are needed to obtain herd immunity. Vaccines have been rushed into production as a way to help obtain this herd immunity that is so desperately being sought so that we can get back to normal. However, is this vaccine going to be effective in the right ways? Or is it hindering us from reaching the goal post? Will they move the goal post again? Who gets to decide where the goal post is set? Why do they get to make that decision?

Maybe it’s time we all did due diligent research to find the answers to those questions and this one: What makes “them” qualified to make all these life altering decisions for every one on the planet?

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  1. Nicole
    February 12, 2021 at 7:59 pm

    Normal will happen when we the people stop allowing them to dictate anything regarding or health. They are pro choice party. Woman has the right to abort babies based on it’s my body it’s my tight and choice. How did this party convince anyone they had the right to dictate any health choices after supporting the abortion agendas right to choice? Normal starts where we begin to just stop listening and being compliant. We are doing it to ourselves at this point. Develop alternative travel that won’t comply with mandates that are no longer needed. Death percentage is like .4%!! That’s less than the flu for some previous years! Normal is what we the people make it.

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