We Need To Be The News Reporters

Main stream media has lost its way. It now mainly chooses what to tell the people and how to tell it. They slant it to fit their own political agenda. Instead of informing the public of current events, they have turned the news hour into a series of mini soap operas. If you listen closely, it is more their opinion and less factual information.

We need to be the news reporters now. Modern liberal journalism is being used to do nothing more than brainwash the masses. We must teach ourselves where to find truth and and spread that information to all who care to listen. Let us network together to get to the real truth of matters. This goes beyond mere politics. This is now a fight for survival as information on various topics is being censored.

Main stream media parrots the same half true information that many NGOs are claiming when it comes to the virus. Research the background of the organizations that they are getting their information from. While this may sound very cynical, it is a scary truth: follow the money. Who is funding whom and for what reasons? Why is the information being disseminated the way it is? Look at the actual studies for yourselves. Most medical journal study articles can be readily deciphered without a medical degree. You will need a good medical terminology dictionary, but it is not impossible for a lay person to be able to read and understand the information contained within the articles.

Check and validate what you are being told by the media at every turn. When you find falsehoods in their reporting, gather your proof and show it. Call them on their lies and half truths. The more we do our own research and call them out when they are wrong, the more likely that they will start trying to scrub the truth from the internet and all other places. Make sure you have screenshots saved and backup copies made. When possible, acquire paper copies of journal articles.

Become a truth seeker and a watchman. It is only when the citizenry is fully awake that the government cannot take away our God given rights. We must stay vigilant for we are the guardians of our own freedoms. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness can only occur if we remain ever watchful of the evil that is trying to encroach upon us and steal it all away.

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