Who Owns Our Children?

Who owns our children? This may seem like a crazy question, but it is one that needs to be answered by all of us. With more and more government encroachment on personal liberties and freedoms, it has become a more pressing question to answer.

If you are like the majority of God fearing Americans, you are of the mindset that children are a blessing from God that is bestowed on parents to raise up until they are old enough to strike out on their own. However, there are those who do not believe this to be the case.

More and more government control over decisions that should be in the hands of parents are being taken away. School choice for instance. This isn’t just about where to send your child to school but also what they are learning. Have you read a public school textbook lately?

While many seem to still contain the safe basic facts that the ones we used growing up contained, they do read differently. The nuances of the English language are being used to change the connotation of many words so that the feelings conveyed in the textbooks align with more liberal ideology and politics.

That is correct. Textbooks are now being used at gateways to indoctrination. Don’t believe me? Pick one up and read it. Have you noticed the changes in the titles of classes that children take these days? History has been replaced with social studies as some of you are aware. Have you noticed that English is now called Language Arts? Do you know what is taught?

Gone are the days where children are reading classics such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. The new selections are geared towards having the children think on subjects such as social justice and reparations. Though most textbooks won’t come out and directly say it, they are following along the liberal mantra of apologizing for being white.

No one and I mean no one should apologize for being a certain color whether it is white, black or any other skin color. We are all one race and that is human. Racism is an ideology started by governments as a way to control populations. Control? Yes, control.

When your population is fighting among themselves, they are not paying attention to what the government is doing and as such, the government can sneak in laws and regulations under the radar of its citizenry. This is why, we as parents and moms especially, need to be vigilant when it comes to what our children are being taught and what they are allowed to see on television and in movies.

If you haven’t already looked into the indoctrination of young minds by the media, I urge you to start. Educate yourself on how television shows, movies and videos on social media are being used to indoctrinate our children. A good video to start educating yourself about what is really going on is Out of Shadows. However, don’t look for it on YouTube. Go to Brighteon.com. The full documentary is located there.

The threat of child pornography and trafficking is very real. Most trafficking of humans involves working people like slaves and very labor intensive low wage jobs and/or sex trafficking. There are many children that are trafficked for sexual purposes by their own family. They live at home and lead otherwise normal lives. There is only a small percentage of trafficked individuals that are involved in the satanic trafficking.

The symbolism that the occult uses has always been around. It is just that most of us haven’t been consciously aware of it. As a mom and a believer in Christ, I have started to do more research in this area. It has become very eye opening. We need to band together and educate ourselves on the ways that the occult uses to try and lure our children away from God and get them to choose the pits of hell over heaven as a final destination for their souls.

Satan is out to take as many souls with him to hell as he possibly can and he is trying to lure our youth away from God as part of his plan. In order to combat this, we have to be vigilant as to what our children see and hear. We need to instill faith from as young an age as possible and reinforce it as they grow up. We also need to counter all the misinformation and anti–faith rhetoric that they hear while they are at school.

When possible, we must educate our own children at home rather than allow the government to take over this task. While I understand that many parents are struggling financially right now and cannot afford to school their own children, it is not beyond any of us to share our faith with our children at every available opportunity. The very souls of everyone in our nation is now hanging in the balance and this includes our children.

For when it comes down to the absolute truth, God is the creator and originator of this world and it is He who owns all of creation. We and our children belong to Him. And as the only part of His creation that was given the gift of free will, we need to choose Him over anything and everything that Satan tries to offer. Ultimately, following Satan leads to eternal damnation and following YHVH God leads to eternal life.

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  1. March 9, 2021 at 9:03 pm

    Your article is a spot on OpEd that would be even more powerful if you had included hard evidence, for example, some quotes from a couple of those textbooks would have been powerful ammunition for those guns. Unfortunately, most people are to lazy to do their own research. I like your style.

  2. March 10, 2021 at 3:35 pm

    Hello: I spent time reading some of the information. I agree with some of your IDEAS. I also believe the NEW Federal Government wants to completely change OUR WAY OF LIFE. Speaker Pelosi has the ability to Control ANY and ALL Americans throughout the Federal Government, and American Citizens, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Speaker Pelosi thought she could take Control over Trump within the first Month. Trump took Control of Pelosi in the first year. Enough of this ! ! ! ! !!!!!!! Pelosi decided to join the FAR LEFT and follow their IDEAS and CONCEPTS. Look at the changes Pelosi made to DESTROY CITIZENS WAY OF LIFE ! ! ! ! Pelosi also decided to change how CITIZENS can work with their MORAL STANDARDS ! ! ! ! Pelosi is getting ready to change what and how Citizens will be able to follow THEIR RELEGIOUS STANDARDS ! ! ! ! I am spending tooooo much time, here; The United States CONSEPT is changing – – Far Left can and will tale CONTROL of your FAMILY, JOBS, MONEY, MEDICAL HELP, RELIGION WAY OF LIVING; and others. HOW can we bring back what we learned during our LIFE ? ? ? ? ? NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT THE BAD GUYES, QUESTION WHAT THE BAD GUYES WILL DO, AND TOTALLY CHANGE OUR LIVES. . . . . . . During the last 2 years, Trump brought information to a hand full of Republicans and CONSERVATIVES – – – – THE LEVEL OF CORRUPTION through the United States of America ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!

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