Who Really Let America Down?

What the left fails to realize is that this isn’t really about Donald Trump. They believe it is. They believe that we think of Trump as a God. I have even read and heard liberals say it. It’s very much laughable. Granted there are a few in the “lunatic fringe” who make it seem like that is what we are about, but liberals and the main stream media are very much missing the mark. Just maybe, though, they are missing the mark on purpose.

Why would they do that? The obvious answer would be to keep the rest of the masses happily ignorant of what is truly going on and why those who support Trump are angry. So, what really is going on and why are the Trump supporters so angry?

It’s not so much that he lost the election, but how he lost it. The left continues to state that the election was fair and that no voter fraud occurred. That is rather hypocritical of them since that has been their claim for Trump’s entire presidency. If they were honest, they would allow for an independent audit and full investigation of the election. After all, if Biden truly won fair and square, what do they have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Why do so many support Trump? They saw the good he was doing and how much he truly loves America. Trump put Americans first in every way he possibly could. He brought jobs back to our shores. He renegotiated trade treaties so that Americans weren’t always getting a raw deal. He even went so far as to start worthwhile prison reforms that secured the release of many nonviolent offenders that had been given too long sentences for often very small crimes.

He fought to secure our borders and not just to keep untold numbers of illegal immigrants from sneaking into our country. Do you realize that terrorists have been using our southern border for years as a way of sneaking into our country? The desert southwest has been littered with many things left behind by those sneaking in, including Muslim prayer mats. Who’s to say, that militant Islamic terrorists haven’t been sneaking across the border for years?

Trump was bringing prosperity back to Americans, including those in the African American and Latino communities. That is why is the voting base is so diverse. Trump supporters are the true working backbone of this nation. We are farmers, truck drivers, grocery store clerks, teachers, pastors, businessmen and women, owners of family businesses and many other professions. We are the everyday working individuals who go to work, work hard while we are there, do our best to raise our families and generally just try to mind our own business.

In the past, we haven’t been the most politically active because we saw it as a lost cause. Then something happened that changed all that. Donald John Trump won the 2016 presidential election. We saw the system working. We had hope that it wasn’t completely broken after all. We saw a man, with a lot of wealth, give it up for the people of this country. He donated his salary every quarter to a worthy cause. He was working for us for free.

We looked past his public persona and saw a man who loved his country. Is he perfect? No, but he didn’t have to be. We didn’t vote for him because we thought he was perfect like God. We voted for him because we were sick and tired of getting shafted by every other politician who got on television and promised to change things and yet when they got into office, the same old status quo was upheld. Nothing was changing.

This time, however, things did change. We got action on promises made and they became promises kept. For those of us who still hold people to their word with just a handshake, that meant the world. There was finally someone who was listening to us; the American people and not just special interest groups. So, are we angry over the loss of the election? Yes, but not just because our guy seems to have lost.

We are angry because even though there truly is real evidence of voter fraud, it is all being brushed off as the status quo marches back into the White House. The status quo is now undoing every good thing Trump did simply because they hate him so much. They want to gain their club back to how it was before Trump came to town and tried to clean things up.

You can sputter “orange man bad” all you want. If the only reason you hate what he did as president is because you don’t like his personality and you believe claims that were never proven in a court of law, then shame on you. And before you lump me in with those who blindly follow Trump, know this: I am not very fond of his personality myself. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he took the oath of office in January of 2017. I disagreed with several of his decisions and position appointments over the years.

However, I watched him. I watched as he called career politicians out for the corrupt people they had become. I watched as he renegotiated treaties and trade deals. I watched as he faced impeachment the first time and all of the investigations and accusations that the Democrats threw at him. I saw how he pointed out the fallacies in their thinking.

I also listened as to how the MSM was portraying him. How they would push the narrative of “orange man bad” at every turn. I saw how celebrities that had once celebrated knowing Trump turn on him in an instant. I watched it all. And what I saw disgusted me. I watched this nation turn into the largest cesspool of hate on the planet. Imagine what that energy could have accomplished if instead of hate, it had been love. What could we have accomplished if all of us had gotten in behind that great America first initiative?

We could have built better bridges of communication within all of our communities. We could have completed and brought to fruition Dr. King’s dream of all of us living in harmony. Trump was trying, but he was only one man. Donald Trump didn’t let this country down. All of us did. Every last one of us, no matter your political affiliation, we are the ones that let America down. Look around. What opportunities have we missed when it comes to unity and mending bridges? How could we have positively affected race relations if we hadn’t been so hung up on impeachment proceedings and fighting over so called “Russian Collusion”?

We allowed politicians and the media to emotionally manipulate us for four years. They are still trying to manipulate us. Why? They still want to instill fear in us. Why? They won, didn’t they? They have their guy in the White House. Ask yourselves, what are they still afraid of? Are they hiding something? Are they afraid we will finally find out the real truth?

If you can look at both sides of the matter without prejudice, can you honestly say that President Trump was treated honestly and fairly by anyone? What is your evidence that he was fairly treated? Dictators are the ones who silence their opponents and yet Trump was the one being silenced by the media. Who is next? Who will be the next person to be silenced for their opinions or beliefs? Will it be me? You? Another individual who decides they want to try to clean the swamp in DC?

What will it take for the rest of America to wake up and see that what is happening around them is the death of freedom and liberty? America’s Constitutional Republic is now on life support. So tell me, do you really want to trade you freedom and liberties for a small amount of safety? I wonder what the founders would say about what is going on today? Patrick Henry, sir, I think we all need to hear your entire speech again.

  3 comments for “Who Really Let America Down?

  1. Donna Bachand
    February 16, 2021 at 9:02 pm

    You are so right

  2. Ginger
    February 16, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    All true now we need to make sure the next election is back to the way it was 30 years ago when the states were called by 7pm election night and there was no Internet/WiFi connected tabulating machines and we need to keep fighting for truth and transparency.

  3. Vanessa NYC
    February 17, 2021 at 6:17 am

    You totally hit the nail on the head!! A man with no political agenda but just a love for the country stepped in to save us. He worked day and night for us and accomplished so much, even with the left and media working day and night against him. The worst part of the left winning is that they cheated to win. Even worse, is that the entire country had front row seats to the show and they know we all know. Right now, “We the People” have been diminished and the left has all of the power. Being a Trump supporter was never about following some man around because we thought he was a God. It was about a man coming in and showing truth, shedding light on very dark situations and working for the people. He was not a God but God may have sent him.

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