Why is Unlimited Immigration a Bad Thing?

Written by V J Willis Jr

A few months back, I engaged a Leftist about the problems inherent with unlimited immigration on Facebook. The good news is; that after twenty minutes of discourse, she understood that while this nation has a glorious past of allowing legal immigrants to our shores, unlimited immigration comes with a myriad of issues.

The simplest way I’ve ever heard it explained is to compare our nation to your personal home. How many guests could you allow to visit you at the same time before the sheer number of people would become a problem?

As a middle school teacher, I had the most wonderful opportunity to teach Texas History to seventh graders. As part of that curriculum, I included a full class period exploring the pitfalls of a small town (ours was less than 2,000 population) growing too fast. We used Walmart as a test case. The nearest current location was some fifteen miles away. A Walmart in our community would, of course, have been much more convenient. The students would have been happy with one of the smaller locations. So we discussed considerations such as how many employees would that require. For the sake of our study, we estimated one hundred employees.
Considering the average family consists of an average of four people; that would likely mean an increased population of approximately 400 new residents. That would amount to a population increase of around 20%.
The next question, where are these new residents going to live? Likely it would require the building ahead of time of a couple of small apartment complexes. The middle and upper management would likely prefer single family dwellings. So, let’s say twenty or so new houses.

Is the current city infrastructure capable of the increased requirement? Most of the students agreed that it would require some upgrades, given that the current electrical system alone was subject to brownouts as it is. Could the existing retail stores and tradesmen handle a 20% increase in consumers? The consensus was that in light of the fact that the local grocery store was typically full any time they had a sale, we decided another grocery store would be needed. Also, the students decided that there currently weren’t enough doctors, convenience stores, bakeries, dentists, etc., to provide timely services.

Of course that would mean more new buildings and more new housing. This would lead to an influx of construction workers, who would need temporary housing, such as motels, etc.

As became apparent to the students, and hopefully to you also, even a small increase in population requires advanced planning for logistical considerations. Imagine the results if hundreds of thousands of unexpected new immigrants come flooding into the border-states alone.

The example used for the Texas History class only considered economical factors. Hopefully, in future articles we will evaluate other aspects.

Should this great nation, that was made great by a steady influx of immigration over the years, stop allowing immigration? Should it be an unfettered flow, or should we carefully plan for it?

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  1. Nicole
    February 19, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Maybe consider allowing for immigrants to be introduced into an area where the population increases are floundering, or areas that many have abandoned to be revitalized in long neglected areas. It would give many some work experience in fixing buildings and establishing parks repairing stores and schools.

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